Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blast from the Past

Imagine! Me, Age 21- drunk ,of course ,with my first long term boyfriend.My gift to you!LOL!Hallelujah! just finished my final graduation requirement- an online 8 week course that i completed in just 8 hours!!yes- Thank you, God!

So i am elated, and relieved and ready to move one into the next phase at last -studying for the state boards. The process will have to include the obvious prep work or, rather, paperwork first.It seems to me to be a daunting task but in a nutshell, i have to request my transcripts (from the college) to be sent to my state board of nursing. I have to type and sign and mail this letter to the school.The dean has to sign off on something as well for Pennsylvania- an authorization of sorts. Then i will be sent an authorization to test.

Next (i am already registered with Pearson) i will pay for the privilege of taking the exam ($ 200) and a fee for my license($100- since it's an out of state college). When all of this is processed (about 4-6 weeks) i can then schedule my test date.

Why do they make this so difficult?Ugh!

I have to call tomorrow to be sure that i can still use the June graduation date. Since i had to wait to access this last requirement i missed the deadline by a hair. But the advisor said i might be given a reprieve if i pass the exam in a day or two- they would extend the deadline for me.

What i've written here is a very condensed version of the totality of it all, but it is the general idea.If you have read down this far & stuck it out with me , here is your reward.

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