Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back & Black&Random Pit Stops

Today i had the weirdest & scariest thing happen. I blacked out & collapsed in the gym locker room. I had been doing dead lifts, came up wrong and pulled something. At that point , i think i must've pinched a nerve somewhere because i started to lose my vision, was unable to walk right, broke out in a cold sweat & was instantly naseaus. I was barely able to make it back to the lockeroom & after getting to a toilet I tried to make it back to my locker & lost all vision, collapsing on the floor.Afterwards(probably only a few seconds later because no one helped me) i slowly got to the bench. my nausea subsided, vision was back, but my lower back was in such severe pain, i couldnt move.
i had also lost control of my legs.Eventually i made it, after much prayer, to my car, drove home and lay on ice, then heat. I still had to drive to work.
To top it off i had just gotten my period today (cramps) and then my body(after two days of constipation) decided it was time to finally "evacuate" so i had to stop on my way to work.
I swear, someone did NOT want me to walk today!
I am still very sore but it seems to be manageable at this point. I brought my heat pad and took some aspirin.I cannot move fast or get up easily and it's hard to turn /twist. I ask for everyone's prayers(even you Jehovah's witnesses out there). I need to be better for the canoe trip this weekend.It's not a relaxing trip -lots of hard work actually and i don't want my husband to have to do everything.Plus, i just remembered about the falls. we might have to walk around them this time.It's tough on the back going over them .
I wonder if this is Gods way of saying"slow down".
Anyway, i would like to blog on a subject near & dear to my heart (at a friends suggestion). Whenever i am traveling by car & have to use the bathroom,I , like most Americans pull into a gas station, fast food restaurant, or convenience store.When i do this, i make a point, if at all posssible to purchase something.Even if it's only a 50 cent newspaper. The reason being not only courtesy, but a more far-reaching one.
Basically, if a business owner is making his/her facilities available to the public at no cost, he is forking over the cost of the toilet paper, water to flush & wash hands,soap, electricity for lighting & possibly a hand dryer, the cost of employees to clean it & cleaning supplies- not to mention possibly the extra cost of putting in 2 public bathrooms (men & women)in the first place and in some places a diaper changing station.It seems to me that most people never consider this.
And, considering that these establishments probably have at least a dozen or more non-patrons doing this everyday ( using facilities only) they are potentially losing thousands of dollars every year to those who never even purchase a single item from them.
At this time, the only places that have to have a public bathroom available are places that serve food where you can sit down & eat it .But that could change. With the economy affecting more & more businesses, most will be looking at ways to cut costs. I do believe that at some point, someone will start lobbying for these laws to change. Afterall, why do you think the no-smoking laws actually went into effect?These restaurants were losing the revenue of all those who refused to sit in a smoke filled room, inhaling cancer- causing fumes. Yes- it was a health benefit to all, but be real-many, many more would have kept on allowing it by finding a loop hole in the law if it didnt affect their bottom line (example: no alcohol sales on sunday-loop hole solution- start selling food, even it its just doritos & microwave heartstoppers).
Effectively, when you stop at a business and use their "stuff" without patronizing, you then become not only a freeloader, but you contribute to the eventual demise of such privileges. Just think what you would have to do if these places no longer had to allow for public bathrooms.
And remember how you felt (if this ever happened to you) when you're eyeballs were floating in your head and you had to insert a quarter to get into the bathroom (and you had no change)?
Be courteuos, people. And protect our privileges here in America. At least we have a decent sanitation system-----for now.

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