Monday, May 18, 2009

Aint they sweet?

This is my son & his girlfriend , Gabby, dressed for this years prom. i took the pic right outside our house and my mother fabulously cropped it!
I really do like this girl, she helped my son get over his other long time girlfriend. Weirdly enough, now they are all able to be freinds again. So at least my son has a shot at not ending up like his dad, who is in his second decade of mourning over his high school girlfriend.
I havent been blogging much and i can no longer attribute it to studying. I am barely even looking at my exam stuff yet. Just not motivated til i have a date. i think i am just starting to lack things to say!Funny how i can talk like there's no tomorrow in person, then be at a loss here. Seems like i used to have something to say. or maybe i just thought i did!
This week is shaping up to be a busy one...
I will be watching a Joyce Meyer DVD with my daughter Monday night(the one she backed out of Mother's Day). On tues, i will be going to the gym- the only time i can get there this week. Wednesday is a doozy- 3 pm coffee with a friend, 6 pm tanning, 7pm bunco-all before work. Thursday i will be busy packing stuff and cooking for our 4 day canoe trip. And then , of course , friday we leave at 8am. I will not have any contact with any technology at all for the entire 4 days.And I am sure it will be a relief. These days , i find myself so caught up in that stuff it's overwhelming. i finally had to change the settings on my Facebook page so i wouldnt get every blessed message that was floating through my friends sites.For about 2 hours , it felt lonely. Then i got over it.
The only real downers this week are :A.) i feel like i might be getting sick again
and B.) having to leave my house at 9pm for work monday & tuesday. I'm getting real tired of that. we have updated so i am going to watch a movie....hidey -ho!

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