Friday, April 10, 2009

Success...and stress

i have been successful this year, so far. Top of that list of course being able to pass my clinical exam. But i've also had other successes. Back in january, i went on a 3 week fast which eliminated white flour products and meat. Since that time i have decided to reinstate the diet after only a brief 2 weeks. The reason was because, in spite of noticing a drastic decrease in strength and a moderate decrease in energy, i actually felt lighter, and my whole gastrointestinal system functioned exceptionally well.

During this time , i have still eaten the homemade bread from the recipe i mastered (from Motherearth News)but it hasnt really had any negative effects. This week i have eaten chicken breast 3 times. And I have definitely noticed distress in my bowels. So tonight, at my celebratory dinner out, i chose eggplant as my main course, instead of meat.

Next week, after Easter dinner , starting Monday my husband has agreed to go on my diet. This ought to be interesting. He had promised to allow me to choose all of his food, and i reconfirmed that last evening. But tonight, he made a face when i ordered the eggplant, so i said"you better get used to it, this is what you'll be eating" and he says"i dont like that stuff- you gotta make stuff i like"...this bordered on starting another arguement. I mean, what is the point of me trying to help him change the way he eats if i make the stuff he likes? What doesnt he get about that?

Last night we argued about a flippin' shed!
Another thing i have been able to give up is my hair appointments. I am saving lots of money , and my hair will be better for it.

We got back our income tax return and after much deliberation(i use that term lightly- truth is we argued intensly) we decided to spilt the money. My husband , however, to be spiteful decided to use his half to pay bills because i had given him too much grief over blowing a wad of cash on a shed.(2500.00!) so know, i get to have this lorded over me for another year about how "he never gets anything" and "i always say no" and i always"shoot him down" blah, blah, blah!oh well.

I spent part of my share on pantry cabinets and i am pleased as punch with them. its been a long time coming. I also have plans to buy some new sneakers and gym clothes since its been 5-6 years for sneakers and about 4 for the gym stuff. My more -for-less theme here is the fact that buying gym clothes over any other type makes more sense. i wear then to the gym, to work, and even to bed sometimes- plus i wear'em around the it's a no-brainer...a four for the price of one deal.

After we all start eating vegetarian meals, i will be saving more $ on groceries, too. I just cross my fingers hubbs can tolerate it. Although i know i am probably setting myself up for pain and misery,and for taking the blame for all of his misery (again)....

ON A POSITIVE NOTE...I am having easter dinner at my home this year and both of my kids, their signifigant other, my brother, parents and in-laws will be there. Looking forward to family and praising Jesus! He is risen!

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