Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Serene One

Tonight at the gym i noticed that there are basically three different types of facial expressions people make when they work out. And each person is a different type. I noticed this as i was doing crunches on the ball and happened to look over in the mirror at the two people flanking me, then at myself.These are all looks that one makes while doing the contraction part of an exercise.
1. the person who makes the "happy face "- smiles eerily....only seen a few do this. It's really creepy,but i think it's an involuntary thing. like , that's just how they look when they are concentrating hard.
2. the grimacer- looks to be in agony, almost like they either hate having to do it...or they are putting so much into it i fear they will crap themselves( at that point i move away as soon as possible)
3.the serene- looks as if each exercise is a yoga move and is at peace with the universe. This is me. And i see this very rarely. I started looking for it after i noticed tonight.

I tried to figure out why i have this look, and it came down to vanity.When i smile, my face wrinkles, and i look , i think i just try to smile less to keep my face looking smoother.
Anyway, i do have a few things i wrote down yesterday...

Some new goals
1. pass the state boards by june or july
2.start my container garden( check!-planted seeds today!)
3. maintain the gym thing at 3 x a week.

I will grow in my faith by:

1.watching & listening to more teaching tapes
2.set up # of pages in my study bible to read each morning .to start after bible study ends
3.attend something else at church weekly (besides sunday mornings) to replace ladys bible study.
4. continue to volunteer in the nursery

recipes:all i wrote down was bean burgers , and i actually got one down perfect in one try yesterday. i finished frying them to have them ready today & into the freezer. -ps-used olive oil only sparingly for frying...

So there ya have it so far. Now tomorrow , i am off so my husband & i are going shopping together. this is something we havent done together in a long time.I need jeans & sneakers.Maybe i'll find a few gym clothes, too. I got my Joyce Meyer DVD's in the mail today so i'm gonna get off here & go watch.P.S.#2- the kid is actually sleeping so far tonight! rah rah!!!

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