Monday, April 6, 2009

Passed the CPNE!!!

It was very hard. I won't lie about that. I studied very hard for 5 months and i still had my heart thudding and my nerves at their breaking point all weekend. I was exhausted after each test point- all 4 labs and 3 pcs's. On friday, i did fail one lab- wound- for letting a string on the gauze accidently touch my shirt.But after 2 successful pcs's saturday, i knew that if i failed the repeat of wound lab, i had failed completely and had to go home. Talk about pressure! But God was glorified through His servant...I was victorious!!!!I spent more time with God this weekend than studying. Through Him, all things are possible.
One thing i will say is, if anyone reads this for CPNE info---Know those critical elements like you know your kids names!When you get your assignments, there's just too much else to think about to not have them down, so make them automatic!
I had two really nice , helpful clinical examiners for the first 2 patients. Then sunday, i had the most stoic, watch-you-like-a-hawk instructor. I knew she would not be giving me any slack . She expected 100% accuracy. Apparently, thats what she got . After maintaining the neutral face and observer role, she came out and actually had a smile :) on her face! She gave me so many compliments, and i felt so good about myself.Totally unexpected . And the relief of it all. I have never cried tears of joy til today. Actual tears!Kind of embarrassing.
But it doesnt matter!I am now a GN! state boards -here I come!RN by summertime- as planned!Wahoo!
Praise God!

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