Monday, April 13, 2009

Just Catchin' Up...

We had a wonderful Easter dinner today. It was so amazing that we are still able to gather as a family at times given all of our schedules. The food came out well and the vino was flowing. Afterwards, we got into a discussion about politics, though which almost exploded into a heated arguement. Then that flowed quickly to religion, another area of contreversy. Just goes to proove that these are two things to NEVER bring up if you want things to remain pleasant!
Tomorrow i will be getting back to the gym. The start of a brand new week & i will go 3 times a week now again. i lost so much strength & definition in March from slacking off (due to studying & stress). But now , i'm back in the saddle!
Today's Funfactor: putting away dishes in my newly cleared out cabinets! yes, that's right! i finally got my pantry cabinets installed and moved the food into them! plus i now have laundry room cabinets. It looks beautiful and hides all that crap in the mudroom, and i can once again buy in bulk since there's room for storage!
Also, i get to start thinking about my container garden. I will be doing yellow squash, green peppers, and maybe cherry tomatoes. i don't think i ever want to do more than 3. too much work for a full time employee! i will also be mastering bean sprouts very soon. but thats an indoor thing.Gosh i love Mother Earth News!
tuesday is bible study and wednesday is Bunco this week.I will be going to the gym with my freind on thurs . & friday.Busy,busy, busy!
Soon i'll be studying for boards and will be posting on that a little.But for now i have to wait so i can take my info.lit. online course starting May 4th. It's my last requirement for graduation.If all goes well, i'll graduate June 26th.
My husband & i have decided to go on the yearly canoe trip we used to do but havent for two years. This starts the friday of Memorial day weekend and we get home monday evening. It's officially called the "booze cruise" because basically we just canoe down the river all day drinking beer and camp out over nite on the shore. Very primitive. I'll post on that as well.
Gotta run!

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