Thursday, April 2, 2009

How much can a person take?

After a clash with my nursing agency scheduler yesterday, and going to see my friend with Cancer, i get to my case tonight( a really busy case-stressful in itself) and the mom(the psycho from last year) has a 1& 1/2 note for me with these choice little items:
"please dont use red mouthwash in suction cannisters, only use green"
" please turn (the kids) side to side only, only on back for theravest tx's"(duh!)
" make sure to get all the wrinkles out of the sheet and chux pads below (kid#1)"
" make sure to separate each kids syringes and place them in their places just as i have them now"
"shake excess water from washed syringes"
and on & on & on....
Such B.S.!
First of all, i already do all these things.She even had the nerve to say"make sure (kid#1) isnt wet and bib is dry before leaving". I mean- what the h*ll is she trying to say? i change both kids 15 minutes before i leave.She must be mad if she thinks i am waiting til 7am to change them.If she would get her butt out of bed in the morning to get report, perhaps she would be able to check them right away.
I swear. I knew this was coming. It never lasts very long . It's no wonder she cant keep nursing. I've had to cover shifts here all month because she got rid of the last two .Another nurse who was here quit.
This mom is such a control freak, too. And everytime i start coming back here she's added more crap for the nurses to do.I have decided that since i was told(yes told!) that i HAVE to fill in here since there's no one else, that i am just going to do my thing and maybe she will make me a no -return. That would actually be a relief. And since she always has issues with nurses, no one would question it, and it would save me some aggravation & stress.
On another note, i had a nice time visiting with my freind. She was in good spirits and just had chemo that day, so it wouldnt be til a few days later when she felt bad. She was coherent,and we reminisced about the good ol' high school years!
Also, the countdown continues- i'm off tomorrow night. Then leave Friday afternoon. I return Sunday evening(Got that, secrets?lol!)
If i ever have to do this thing again, i am taking the whole week before off work. It's just too darn stressful.
After bible study last night, i had some peace about it though. We are studying Beth Moore . She says to think of your absolute worst nightmare. Fill in the blanks"if i -------, then i-------.Initially i wrote if i fail, i fail. But upon closer inspection of my heart, i knew that failing this test wasnt the worst thing ever. It would be" If i lost my children, then----. I wanted to write" i would absolutley die, never go out of my house again, just curl up and die" but she said it has to be If---, then--- my God will take care of me".That really put it into perspective
for me.
I felt more peace about my cpne (clinical test) after that.
Okay, well, i probably wont blog til i get back-unless disaster strikes. Pray for me out there!

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