Friday, April 24, 2009

A Word To the (becoming) Wise

Did you know you can be addicted to anything?Even stuff that's good for you?In studying the Word, i came across much evidence of this .Worry, depression, guilt, our children....In fact, anything we put in our lives which repetitively takes the place of choosing God's Way is a form of addiction (also called idolatry). Sometimes , even things which seem benign, like watching sports , can become a false God. Example, a man spending more time watching sports than with his family, or going to church.
On our way to the gym this evening i was discussing this with my daughter. It came to light in a discussion about the diet that both she & my husband are on at the present. They have both agreed to allow me to govern their intake so that they can lose weight, and hopefully develop healthier eating patterns.
The conversation switched gears when the topic of encouraging her to have a cheat meal every week, so as not to feel deprived. i explained that the reason i wanted her & my husband to do this was because dieting, and losing weight can become an obsession. It can become extreme. A person can become so strict about it that they become enslaved by the discipline itself.And i should know.Up until a few months ago, i had a habit of climbing on my scale everyday to monitor my weight. Keeping it at a certain level had, over the past few years, become an obsession for me.And , as with any addiction, it became destructive and unhealthy. I am happy to say that i now have more peace in my life .
My daughter looked at me funny at first. I had to explain further how this was related to our faith.
I believe that things like exercise, dieting, and even education are all things that can become idolatrous. Especially so because, like myself, so many people believe that since these are good , healthly things that they can never be "bad" for you.And they are---to a point. But as the saying goes -"everything in moderation". When we allow something to become important to us than God, as in becoming something we spend more time with than God, or choose to do instead of(on a regular basis) , say, going to bible study or church or reading the bible , it begins a course towards the ultimate destination of destruction in our lives.
To prove this point, all one needs to do is look at the eating disorders we have(anorexia, bulimia, obesity), the downfall of athletes who take illegal performance drugs,and beautiful minds driven to distraction(winding up in mental institutions)trying to work out new mathematical theories or attempting to become unbeatable at chess. Then there's , of course sex addiction, "regular" masterbation, etc.(and F.Y.I.-Sex is not bad-within the confines of marraige. Outside of that, things get dicey- not matter what society tries to tell you.)
God wants us to love Him the most. And theres truly no such thing as overindulging in Him.We can have all we want. As often as we want. And we wont gain any weight, need rehab, or head to divorce court because of it.
There's something to be said for the wisdom of God.In more ways than we immediately understand. And only by spending time getting to know God do we truly become wise.The more i get to know Him , the more I want of Him. And that's an addiction i can live(and die)with--happily!

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