Monday, April 27, 2009

The calendar

And so , i wont tell anyone that i went to cold stone creamery again.
Oh wait! i just did...
oh well....
I spent alot of time enjoying my weekend for a change. The weather was gorgeous and i had a yen for good wine and motorcycle rides. So i indulged in both.Also we finally got our bushes planted.Yeah!
I went to a new farmers market today before church. Not as good as the one i usually go to. Not as much produce, but we are going back next sunday to look for a stone bench for our garden.
I have quite a few things coming up in the next couple of weeks. My sons prom is Saturday the 2nd, so i have to pick up his tux thurs. My husband has a softball game that night also that i'll be attending.Mon, weds & fri are gym nights and tuesday ,of course, is bible study.Sunday i am going to a "purse party".
I start my online course(final graduation requirement) on monday the 4th.Jim's getting his MRI read by the nuerologist next week too.So, hopefully we will have closure on
I have to start planning for our 4 day canoe trip at the end of may. we need a canoe so we will either borrow or rent. I have to get our menu in order and plan the clothing thing. air out the sleeping bags and wet/dry bags.
Next the kids will be graduating June 9th & 11th. My son has practice the saturday before.My graduation is slated for the 26th, but i am planning on a multi-grad party at the end of June. July is my daughters birthday. Somewhere in the midst of this i will be taking the state exams as well.My brother & i are visiting my dad in Va. on Fathers day weekend, and oh yeah! there's Mothers day before that! Hopefully, i can visit my grandmom with my mom after church( i volunteer in the nursery that day).Phew...and i'm not even done yet!
so many, many things...but i'll stop with that and shout a great big CONGRATS TO SANDY!!!!
My good friend & colleague also passed her clinical! and now i can say on here that i was a bit worried because 2 people from the workshop contacted me and didnt pass at one of the hospitals in NY.I wouldnt write it before because that would have been too discouraging if she might have read it .So, there's all the news folks...i'm signing off...have a very sick little girl here tonight- needs closely monitored...Peace!

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