Saturday, March 21, 2009

Vermont, here i come!

Only two more shifts until i get to leave for a short vacation / study time in vermont. I have most of my bags packed, my friend has bought the food i'll be preparing for meals, and i have plans for much practice & study while i am finally alone for part of the day while he goes skiiing.
The best part about studying there is that i'll be away from all the chaos and distractions of home.
i will be setting up the sim labs there and also doing mock pcs's from "chuck's scenerios" at of course i have to write out the kardex 's myself first .It's getting so close and my heart is pounding just thinking about it. what if i screw up some stupid detail(likely) or something huge & horrible!?i know that i will not lose my current license over this at least.:)
My husband is getting ready to buy a shed for our mower and some other stuff with our income tax refund. he keeps trying to give me the rest of the money. but what he doesnt seem to understand is that if i fail, we will need that money to reschedule my clinical. as it is we just got a yearly student fee of 440.oo since i didnt get this done before May. I guess either way, at best i would graduate in july i think.
No, what i want to do with that money is put it into savings . we are still working on that goal of having 10,000 put back so that if something happens & one of us cant work temporarily, we could still pay the mortgage for a few months. if we ever attain that goal, then we will continue to save so that other bills could be paid if need be . this would be a huge relief for both parties. especially the one who would be working their butt off to keep up.
And, no, except for a cd with a very good rate, we will not be investing it. we want to keep it liquid. any cd's we buy will have to have a 1 year or less maturity.
well. right about here i wanted to insert some enightened political or economic blurb. but i truly havent found anything worth repeating out there. the whole stimulus package , in my oppinion, has good & bad components-i am in the process of reviewing the entire pdf. i think soon , our messiah president will have to face a come-uppance, but probably not for this reason. it is more likely that he will just screw up out of inexperience and lose favor with the public for bad communication skills. i am starting to actually feel sorry for him. he has alot to live up to after all.i mean..(cough, cough) "YES, WE CAN!"- will only go so far. When the slogan finally gets the veil lifted, and no messiah walks out....well, he better be prepared for round two.

At any rate, i'll not worry until i really DO see all those polar bears swimming for hundreds of miles, and chronic flooding, and ,oh yeah, real validation of those carbon emmisions.

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