Friday, March 27, 2009

Stratton , Vermont Adventure

Wow! this is probably the longest i've gone without blogging in a while! where do i begin?well, i was in Stratton , Vermont from last sunday til this afternoon.
I guess i can start with our arrival . After the 6 1/2 drive ( i was beat as usual from not getting enough sleep) we get to this room. This is like a room in the ghetto. there's this ratty old sofa pull out bed and another pull down bed. Both made me itch just looking at them. The "full kitchen" has a fridge the size of a dishwasher that can barely hold 4 ice cube trays in the freezer part and 3 six packs of soda in the bottom. QUITE unlike the picture advertised.So , i resign myself to the unpleasantness until we both realize we wont fit all our food in there & it will go bad. He calls & asks how much an upgrade from studio to 1 bedroom is. They have none , but offer a 2 bedroom at the one bedroom rate. We hoof it around the building with a security kid to the other side and walk into.....a beautiful oasis!I mean the contrast was adobe hut in the outback to the taj mahal. We were both so pleased.I took the kids room since it had two full size , side by side bunk beds-- great for setting up a "hospital "bed & practice patient ( a Teddy bear i got at the $ store right as we left- thanks Sandy for the idea!)And i didnt have to tear down overnites. Well, in my bathroom, the T.P. holder was loose , so everytime i "tinkled" , i literally tinkled. And while the place was intoxicatingly decorated, the kitchen supplies left a lot to be desired. Some items i counted on like scissors, a medium size fry pan, and more than one small teaspoon were not present, as well as an oven safe dish for my baked butternut squash. But , i improvised easily and we were able to eat like kings with tons of food left to haul home.
One of my FunFactors while there was trying to actually find creative ways around the kitchen. i used knives for scissors.Boring But the best improvising was in the mock patient setting. i used a shoestring and a dried fruit bag for a foley cath, and re-used the shoestring on patient #2 for holding the pant leg up in"skeletal traction". Yeah, it sure was interesting. I also began video taping myself. I realized that it was taking me lots longer than anticipated & ran out of tape quickly.
We did do some fun stuff. On tuesday we drove to Stowe and visited the hotel manager from last year and got to have the wine & cheese night like last year (for free, just as if we were guests of the hotel) It pays to make friends and keep in touch when you travel. We had fun, although the drive home was sobering!(2 1/2 hours from where we stayed).
I know this is getting lengthy so i'll cut it short.
I'm still stressing. And i'll probably not blog much, if at all this week. The hugigantic test looms in 7 days.....

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