Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pre- traumatic Stress Disorder!

As i sit in the counselors office waiting for my son i have decided to start writing my post . I have been unable to post promptly for several days .What is bothering me right now is that i havent been able to study since i've been home. First of all i have been switched alot to a very busy case. Second , i have been exhausted and miserable form this cold. and third(most alarmimg to me) i seem to be neglecting it out out a lack of motivation.
I am really scared that i will fail this clinical. In fact, the fear of it has taken over all my thoughts .I am even avoiding other things in my life like the gym lately and i think it's because of subconscious stress and fear and depression.I KNOW that i NEED to study my heart out right now.But i cant seem to get started.
Last night i had plans to meet a new friend from church at the gym . of course, she cancelled(i had a feeling she would) at the last hour, so instead of doing the best thing i asked her if she wanted company. My heart was saying it was the right thing to do since i know what it is like to stay home all day with a sick toddler. She was delighted and i went bearing the gifts of wine and freshly made home-made bread. Unfortunately, when i got there, she flitted all over the place like a moth for the hour & 15 minutes i was visting and we barely conversed. She's a sweetheart and i really like her. But, also, i noted that her kid showed absolutely no signs of being ill. In fact he was well behaved and pleasant.So i believe she just didnt want to work out. Common.
Darn it! i really want a girlfriend to work out with. I guess i'll keep working on it. They have a great kids care room.So hopefully i can convince her to join.
Well, my son is soon due to be done so i'll close here....

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