Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My CPNE Workshop

So i arrived here in new york on monday evening, got a good nights sleep & was up at 6:30 am to get ready.I was bright eyed & bushy tailed despite being a nightshifter. The day went very well & i learned a LOT! so many things that would have failed me .Had i not attended this, i would have been doomed. So much is left unsaid in the study guide. You just have to know it. Like the established guidelines. i'd have never known to gel EVERY single time i removed gloves.And the careplans--oh boy! lots more to it than i thought. if you dont get the priority diagnosis right-- flunk!!So we then watched 3 sim lab demos, then practiced. I learned very quickly that (much to my suprise) i blank out when under this much pressure. i cant imagine how much worse it will be in the real thing. I really have to get the nerves under control.
Day 2(today) -the instructors went over all the areas of care, and answered questions about each, then covered grids, mneumonics, and answered questions. Then we all did a mock pcs in groups, evaluating each other. Again, i forgot two critical things and now realize i have to organize my self better. a plain grid just aint gonna cut it the way i planned it, not for me!
it took so long that we barely got lunch today. But it went so quick because we were learning so much!
i have been exhausted at the end of both days, and expect to be tommorrow also when we are doing mock labs & pcs 's with validation from the teachers.oh yeah, they looked at our documentation today also.
Needless to say, i still have lots to work on even though i thought i had studied myself to death.This certainly wont be easy!!!
I do need say though that i am more than ecstatic that i paid for this because even one little thing can fail you. i bet for me , it would be my nerves.....

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