Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Ghetto Grouse?

I sit tonight in the Ghetto litsening to what can only be described as a crow/ rooster-like vocalization coming from my latest charge.
Let me explain.
I had hosted a Bunco(very successfully, i might ad!) at my house tonight and hence was scheduled to arive an hour late at my case.
Now, the child was scheduled to have a battery of things done between 11p-12midnight on a regular night, which gets repeated at 5:30 am, with only an H2O flush at 2 am and q2hour repositioning/ diaper checks 12 midnight to 7 am. Normally i start at 11p so i ASSUMED that mom would be doing the first round of stuff, especially since part of it was a feeding, and the other part was meds and respiratory treatments.
But, no, when i got here she still hadnt done ANYof them and i had to rush to get them done. Additionally she says" he's been asleep for 20 minutes". So i'm like(to myself) "why would you not do the chest therapy , coffalator & suction while he was already awake. So guess what? i start doing the cares and ,of course , he wakes up.
It is now 2 a.m. & he is still awake. Asleep for 20 minutes ,my butt!I'd be willing to bet he slept all evening, when there was no nursing. You know it really ticks me off when nursing is treated like full time baby sitting so the parents put let them sleep when it's their turn to care for them.
I mean, dont they realize that it is set up this way so that the parents can sleep & work in order to be better, awake interactive parents when they get the chance to spend time with their child???arrrghhh!
So here i sit for over 2 hours listening to this kid crow.Nice.
Anyway, i promise to post on non-nursing stuff soon. I know i have been veering off into that realm an awful lot lately. I need to get back to the core of the blog. But as you've seen by now,circumstances tend to lend themselves to the posts .I did discover a few new political blogs to peruse and some cool humor sites. I've basically gotten away from the blogs i used to frequent, either out of necessity or lack of continued interest. Now i veer to more of a nursing or worldview bent.
But never- the -less i eventually get back on track for at least a few posts. So, have heart! and ..have a good one!

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