Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Village Idiot

Everyday i get out of bed in the afternoon about 3:30...even if i dont have to go anywhere(which is rare since on the days without appointments i go to the gym anyway).After i take my bath, i generally make phone calls & review my "list" of things to do (housework, bills to pay, errands,etc). I then proceed to make dinner.
Usually this entails making one dinner for the family and a separate one for myself. I dont eat things like tuna helper, spaghetti,stuffed shells,etc. because of fat content and the fact that i prefer fresh over processed.
I do all this without complaint, without prompting, without help.Some of this revolves around a central kitchen location(the sink & counter tops) with the occasional excursion to the office, or bathroom, or laundry room. And it takes at least 2 -3 hours.
Ok, now ya have the background.
So, yesterday, when i got home in the morning there were, AGAIN someone elses dirty dishes in the sink.It is a well- known rule in our house to either wash them or put them in the dishwasher.i have done all in my power to enforce this rule-at first ,kindly .......and , since that was ignored,i have on occasion resorted to nagging .
I mean, how fair is it for me to clean up someone else mess in order to do something else for them ?So , i left a note on our dry erase board stating exactly this" when dirty dishes are left in the sink i cannot clean up after making dinner for everyone" and i simply (for the very first time)just walked out & left my mess in the kitchen after making dinner for the culprit to fess up and clean his dishes. i had no idea who did it since all 3 other family members do this(leave dirty dishes ,etc ) and since i left the house before any of them the night before.
Then , i went about my night.
After the gym , i returned home to have my head chewed off by my husband for "making him clean up after me" stating i"left a mess in the kitchen ' and those dishes"werent even his" blah, blah, blah.
He had ascertained that they were my sons( my daughter didnt own up to her bowl until later) and went into a rage about him. When he picked him up at work , he acted like an ass to him( apparently).
I don't get it. How is it that a person doesnt understand that:
1.what i wrote was directed toward the guilty party
2. that i clean up after everyone else all the time, and he's having a fit over doing it once
3. his statement that if i see dishes in the sink i should "just do them" instead of creating an arguement is absurd and unfair to me
Think about i--, that would leave me doing everyones work all the time.And does he honestly think it's ok for me to clean up other peoples messes but it's not ok for HIM to do it???

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