Thursday, March 5, 2009

Economic Blah Blah Blah

Ya gotta love America.After this tumultuous year with the economy- the money lost in 401k's , increased unemployment, gas price spikes and bail-outs it's interesting to see so many people NOT actually looking into the little holes in the trees of the forest.
On my home page i actually have two blogsites that are in complete opposition with each other most of the time. One is The All-American Blogger( a political conservative blog) and one is a non-political "green" liberal type site . It was originally an attempt of mine to keep a sane balance in my head . I had found so many times i would get caught up in one or the other almost to the point of being extremist...getting riled about the lack of medical care in third world countries , the desparation of disaster victims, genocide, and the collective conscience in general. On the other hand, politically i would go on tangents about the complete idiocy of huge corporations being given tax breaks, bonus money with no rules on how it was to be used, and the government "bailing out" companies by buying them out, and buying the banks that finance the huge mortgage debt so that in the end all it winds up being is another scheme to make more money.

Why is it, that as intelligent Americans we fail to see how we're constantly being duped? I personally would rather have a government say"Look, we just want to take your money. We want to be richer and more powerful. We don't want to have to work for it ourselves and we're not going to ask you for it- we're just going to take it . And thats's that."

But instead we get catch phrases like "stimulus packages" and "bail-outs" and "tax breaks/propositions". Meanwhile- most of us never look any further. We just bend over and say ...well, you know.
But back to the two blogs. Lately, it's been kind of amusing putting 2 & 2 together. one blogs post includes an exerpt concerning one legislative bill containing earmarks for"1.7 million for pig odor research in Iowa, 2 million for the promotion of astronomy in Hawaii,6.6 million for termite research in New Orleans,and 2.1 million for the Center for Grape Genetics in New York"
Another post includes an exerpt from the front page on showing that 799 million dollars of the stimulus money is going to be spent on "mandatory transportation enhancements" defined as bike paths, sidewalk repair , and beautification projects" and excluding "vehicle or mass transit items".
Next i go into the "green" liberal blog.This one has a post with a link to with a video(sponsored by Exxonmobile!!) of Obama's speech on Renewable energy stating that 20 billion(or 15 million per year) will be spent on research for non carbon based energy technologies.Hmm. Now i wonder , how is all this possible?
Could it be that all the money is REALLY going to the "green jobs" we keep hearing about? you know the ones newly created for "research".
And I wonder who, in fact, actually gets these jobs.maybe some senators cousins? maybe some oil executives grandchildren?
Obama speaks of hybrid batteries made in korea and how this is a travesty- we should be sustainable in our own country.Ok. yeah. So instead of making our own batteries , we're researching pig farts, termite lifestyles, grapes, and looking at the stars in Hawaii.And we're spending a boatload on sidewalk cracks and recreational parks.
Does this make any sense??
yup...gotta love it. I can almost hear the rest of the world laughing out loud at the idiocy, if only they werent crying so hard at the cost of our greed.

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