Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 3 & more

So day 3 of the workshop we went over pediatric stuff. so many nurses are terrified of peds, it's weird. I am terrified of adult patients! but the flip side is, i hope i'm not too comfortable with kids & overly secure with stuff like tube feeds or meds. As it is, i forgot to glove when giving oral meds to the fake baby we had in our practice setting. We also had a briefing on stress control methods. Many people offered their generic ways like "centering yourself" and positive thinking. Sorry, that doesnt cut it for me. I offered up my insight at the end & it was very well-recieved. Without expanding upon it, in a nut shell i just change my perspective to that of the dominant role over the victim role.

Anyway, then we were supposed to get practice with validation. I thought that meant the teachers would watch each of us individually and tell us what we needed to improve on. But , no, it was just like the day before. we were on our own for practice and they wandered around randomly watching. It still worked out. I guess we just ran out of time . The class was so large.

We also got a demo of the IM lab today.

So that was it.We took a class pic which i am posting here...I am the second one in from the left with the white lab coat.I also got a pic of the college. It's nice to know it actually exists!

Overall, the instructors were very nice, we got a great lunch everyday. And i almost forgot, a free penlight (with school insignia) for checking pupils! lol!

Right now, i have been nursing a bad cold. I havent practiced anything except a care plan or three. But i did reorganize my home"lab/Hospital"room.I am using a video camera to record myself doing pcs's & labs. I will be doing each one ten times.I also got 50 careplans printed out for practice and 25 packets like we will actually be using printed up.

I just hope this nasty illness stops kicking my butt!

Last night my daughter , her boyfriend and i attended a nieghbors open house. we only stayed 7-9pm since i had to work. it went ok, but......more about it later. i gotta go check Facebook!

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