Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cpne on friday!

Only a few more days left. i am in a panic. it doesnt matter how much everyone says i'll do ok. i'll believe it when i hear "congratulations".
Then i can get down to business with my next goal of studying for the state boards. if i am exceedingly lucky , i'll be an RN this summer.Anyone reading this, please pray for me!
For tomorrow then,i'll be visiting my friend from high school. i just found her after 20 some years of searching. She has been fighting cancer for years and was released from the hospital friday. I am very excited to talk with her.
Then i go to bible study. so, no study time.
i have been wrangling in friends & family for blood pressures. this is an area where i feel not so confident. i thought i was getting better at it til i did the kids tonight. my sons diastolic can be heard the whole way down. And my daughters is just a weird "swinging" beat.i hope i get an easy one for my manual.
My Funfactor today was eating cookies while i had my daughter help arrange them on the tray. i always love to snack while i prepare food for others. it adds to the adventure. Sometimes, i also like to think about what a person from another country would think about certain foods we eat. i usually do this when i am preparing alone. i try to picture how scrapple would be accepted, or how a mother from a third world country would open a can if she knew there was food inside for her children.
i guess i just think too much.
well, best get going..still time to study.

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