Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cpne on friday!

Only a few more days left. i am in a panic. it doesnt matter how much everyone says i'll do ok. i'll believe it when i hear "congratulations".
Then i can get down to business with my next goal of studying for the state boards. if i am exceedingly lucky , i'll be an RN this summer.Anyone reading this, please pray for me!
For tomorrow then,i'll be visiting my friend from high school. i just found her after 20 some years of searching. She has been fighting cancer for years and was released from the hospital friday. I am very excited to talk with her.
Then i go to bible study. so, no study time.
i have been wrangling in friends & family for blood pressures. this is an area where i feel not so confident. i thought i was getting better at it til i did the kids tonight. my sons diastolic can be heard the whole way down. And my daughters is just a weird "swinging" beat.i hope i get an easy one for my manual.
My Funfactor today was eating cookies while i had my daughter help arrange them on the tray. i always love to snack while i prepare food for others. it adds to the adventure. Sometimes, i also like to think about what a person from another country would think about certain foods we eat. i usually do this when i am preparing alone. i try to picture how scrapple would be accepted, or how a mother from a third world country would open a can if she knew there was food inside for her children.
i guess i just think too much.
well, best get going..still time to study.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vermont, part 2

So anyway, i was really craving chocolate while in VT. i mean, i couldnt believe how much i needed it. i actually had to pay 2 bucks for a snickers.And the gum there was 1.50, too! we heard from a waitress that people blow money there like they just dont care & i believe it! prices were through the roof!.
We ate at a place called "the potbelly" , which was actually an improvement in menu over an irish pub(all grease).Our meal was really good, though. Even at the high prices.If it werent for my freind, i'd have not left the condo. Here i have posted a few pics of our trip. my freind wore these ski underlayers which i said made him look like the black elf. The last pic is us at the wine & cheese night with the hotel manager we met last year at Stowe.He became a good freind of mine this year.I gotta run. Lots to study, and the child i'm with is really awake & miserable tonight!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Stratton , Vermont Adventure

Wow! this is probably the longest i've gone without blogging in a while! where do i begin?well, i was in Stratton , Vermont from last sunday til this afternoon.
I guess i can start with our arrival . After the 6 1/2 drive ( i was beat as usual from not getting enough sleep) we get to this room. This is like a room in the ghetto. there's this ratty old sofa pull out bed and another pull down bed. Both made me itch just looking at them. The "full kitchen" has a fridge the size of a dishwasher that can barely hold 4 ice cube trays in the freezer part and 3 six packs of soda in the bottom. QUITE unlike the picture advertised.So , i resign myself to the unpleasantness until we both realize we wont fit all our food in there & it will go bad. He calls & asks how much an upgrade from studio to 1 bedroom is. They have none , but offer a 2 bedroom at the one bedroom rate. We hoof it around the building with a security kid to the other side and walk into.....a beautiful oasis!I mean the contrast was adobe hut in the outback to the taj mahal. We were both so pleased.I took the kids room since it had two full size , side by side bunk beds-- great for setting up a "hospital "bed & practice patient ( a Teddy bear i got at the $ store right as we left- thanks Sandy for the idea!)And i didnt have to tear down overnites. Well, in my bathroom, the T.P. holder was loose , so everytime i "tinkled" , i literally tinkled. And while the place was intoxicatingly decorated, the kitchen supplies left a lot to be desired. Some items i counted on like scissors, a medium size fry pan, and more than one small teaspoon were not present, as well as an oven safe dish for my baked butternut squash. But , i improvised easily and we were able to eat like kings with tons of food left to haul home.
One of my FunFactors while there was trying to actually find creative ways around the kitchen. i used knives for scissors.Boring But the best improvising was in the mock patient setting. i used a shoestring and a dried fruit bag for a foley cath, and re-used the shoestring on patient #2 for holding the pant leg up in"skeletal traction". Yeah, it sure was interesting. I also began video taping myself. I realized that it was taking me lots longer than anticipated & ran out of tape quickly.
We did do some fun stuff. On tuesday we drove to Stowe and visited the hotel manager from last year and got to have the wine & cheese night like last year (for free, just as if we were guests of the hotel) It pays to make friends and keep in touch when you travel. We had fun, although the drive home was sobering!(2 1/2 hours from where we stayed).
I know this is getting lengthy so i'll cut it short.
I'm still stressing. And i'll probably not blog much, if at all this week. The hugigantic test looms in 7 days.....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Vermont, here i come!

Only two more shifts until i get to leave for a short vacation / study time in vermont. I have most of my bags packed, my friend has bought the food i'll be preparing for meals, and i have plans for much practice & study while i am finally alone for part of the day while he goes skiiing.
The best part about studying there is that i'll be away from all the chaos and distractions of home.
i will be setting up the sim labs there and also doing mock pcs's from "chuck's scenerios" at cpnex.blogspot.com. of course i have to write out the kardex 's myself first .It's getting so close and my heart is pounding just thinking about it. what if i screw up some stupid detail(likely) or something huge & horrible!?i know that i will not lose my current license over this at least.:)
My husband is getting ready to buy a shed for our mower and some other stuff with our income tax refund. he keeps trying to give me the rest of the money. but what he doesnt seem to understand is that if i fail, we will need that money to reschedule my clinical. as it is we just got a yearly student fee of 440.oo since i didnt get this done before May. I guess either way, at best i would graduate in july i think.
No, what i want to do with that money is put it into savings . we are still working on that goal of having 10,000 put back so that if something happens & one of us cant work temporarily, we could still pay the mortgage for a few months. if we ever attain that goal, then we will continue to save so that other bills could be paid if need be . this would be a huge relief for both parties. especially the one who would be working their butt off to keep up.
And, no, except for a cd with a very good rate, we will not be investing it. we want to keep it liquid. any cd's we buy will have to have a 1 year or less maturity.
well. right about here i wanted to insert some enightened political or economic blurb. but i truly havent found anything worth repeating out there. the whole stimulus package , in my oppinion, has good & bad components-i am in the process of reviewing the entire pdf. i think soon , our messiah president will have to face a come-uppance, but probably not for this reason. it is more likely that he will just screw up out of inexperience and lose favor with the public for bad communication skills. i am starting to actually feel sorry for him. he has alot to live up to after all.i mean..(cough, cough) "YES, WE CAN!"- will only go so far. When the slogan finally gets the veil lifted, and no messiah walks out....well, he better be prepared for round two.

At any rate, i'll not worry until i really DO see all those polar bears swimming for hundreds of miles, and chronic flooding, and ,oh yeah, real validation of those carbon emmisions.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Ghetto Grouse?

I sit tonight in the Ghetto litsening to what can only be described as a crow/ rooster-like vocalization coming from my latest charge.
Let me explain.
I had hosted a Bunco(very successfully, i might ad!) at my house tonight and hence was scheduled to arive an hour late at my case.
Now, the child was scheduled to have a battery of things done between 11p-12midnight on a regular night, which gets repeated at 5:30 am, with only an H2O flush at 2 am and q2hour repositioning/ diaper checks 12 midnight to 7 am. Normally i start at 11p so i ASSUMED that mom would be doing the first round of stuff, especially since part of it was a feeding, and the other part was meds and respiratory treatments.
But, no, when i got here she still hadnt done ANYof them and i had to rush to get them done. Additionally she says" he's been asleep for 20 minutes". So i'm like(to myself) "why would you not do the chest therapy , coffalator & suction while he was already awake. So guess what? i start doing the cares and ,of course , he wakes up.
It is now 2 a.m. & he is still awake. Asleep for 20 minutes ,my butt!I'd be willing to bet he slept all evening, when there was no nursing. You know it really ticks me off when nursing is treated like full time baby sitting so the parents put let them sleep when it's their turn to care for them.
I mean, dont they realize that it is set up this way so that the parents can sleep & work in order to be better, awake interactive parents when they get the chance to spend time with their child???arrrghhh!
So here i sit for over 2 hours listening to this kid crow.Nice.
Anyway, i promise to post on non-nursing stuff soon. I know i have been veering off into that realm an awful lot lately. I need to get back to the core of the blog. But as you've seen by now,circumstances tend to lend themselves to the posts .I did discover a few new political blogs to peruse and some cool humor sites. I've basically gotten away from the blogs i used to frequent, either out of necessity or lack of continued interest. Now i veer to more of a nursing or worldview bent.
But never- the -less i eventually get back on track for at least a few posts. So, have heart! and ..have a good one!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stand up for yourself

"I have a catapult.Give me all your money or I will fling an enormous rock at your head."

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pre- traumatic Stress Disorder!

As i sit in the counselors office waiting for my son i have decided to start writing my post . I have been unable to post promptly for several days .What is bothering me right now is that i havent been able to study since i've been home. First of all i have been switched alot to a very busy case. Second , i have been exhausted and miserable form this cold. and third(most alarmimg to me) i seem to be neglecting it out out a lack of motivation.
I am really scared that i will fail this clinical. In fact, the fear of it has taken over all my thoughts .I am even avoiding other things in my life like the gym lately and i think it's because of subconscious stress and fear and depression.I KNOW that i NEED to study my heart out right now.But i cant seem to get started.
Last night i had plans to meet a new friend from church at the gym . of course, she cancelled(i had a feeling she would) at the last hour, so instead of doing the best thing i asked her if she wanted company. My heart was saying it was the right thing to do since i know what it is like to stay home all day with a sick toddler. She was delighted and i went bearing the gifts of wine and freshly made home-made bread. Unfortunately, when i got there, she flitted all over the place like a moth for the hour & 15 minutes i was visting and we barely conversed. She's a sweetheart and i really like her. But, also, i noted that her kid showed absolutely no signs of being ill. In fact he was well behaved and pleasant.So i believe she just didnt want to work out. Common.
Darn it! i really want a girlfriend to work out with. I guess i'll keep working on it. They have a great kids care room.So hopefully i can convince her to join.
Well, my son is soon due to be done so i'll close here....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 3 & more

So day 3 of the workshop we went over pediatric stuff. so many nurses are terrified of peds, it's weird. I am terrified of adult patients! but the flip side is, i hope i'm not too comfortable with kids & overly secure with stuff like tube feeds or meds. As it is, i forgot to glove when giving oral meds to the fake baby we had in our practice setting. We also had a briefing on stress control methods. Many people offered their generic ways like "centering yourself" and positive thinking. Sorry, that doesnt cut it for me. I offered up my insight at the end & it was very well-recieved. Without expanding upon it, in a nut shell i just change my perspective to that of the dominant role over the victim role.

Anyway, then we were supposed to get practice with validation. I thought that meant the teachers would watch each of us individually and tell us what we needed to improve on. But , no, it was just like the day before. we were on our own for practice and they wandered around randomly watching. It still worked out. I guess we just ran out of time . The class was so large.

We also got a demo of the IM lab today.

So that was it.We took a class pic which i am posting here...I am the second one in from the left with the white lab coat.I also got a pic of the college. It's nice to know it actually exists!

Overall, the instructors were very nice, we got a great lunch everyday. And i almost forgot, a free penlight (with school insignia) for checking pupils! lol!

Right now, i have been nursing a bad cold. I havent practiced anything except a care plan or three. But i did reorganize my home"lab/Hospital"room.I am using a video camera to record myself doing pcs's & labs. I will be doing each one ten times.I also got 50 careplans printed out for practice and 25 packets like we will actually be using printed up.

I just hope this nasty illness stops kicking my butt!

Last night my daughter , her boyfriend and i attended a nieghbors open house. we only stayed 7-9pm since i had to work. it went ok, but......more about it later. i gotta go check Facebook!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My CPNE Workshop

So i arrived here in new york on monday evening, got a good nights sleep & was up at 6:30 am to get ready.I was bright eyed & bushy tailed despite being a nightshifter. The day went very well & i learned a LOT! so many things that would have failed me .Had i not attended this, i would have been doomed. So much is left unsaid in the study guide. You just have to know it. Like the established guidelines. i'd have never known to gel EVERY single time i removed gloves.And the careplans--oh boy! lots more to it than i thought. if you dont get the priority diagnosis right-- flunk!!So we then watched 3 sim lab demos, then practiced. I learned very quickly that (much to my suprise) i blank out when under this much pressure. i cant imagine how much worse it will be in the real thing. I really have to get the nerves under control.
Day 2(today) -the instructors went over all the areas of care, and answered questions about each, then covered grids, mneumonics, and answered questions. Then we all did a mock pcs in groups, evaluating each other. Again, i forgot two critical things and now realize i have to organize my self better. a plain grid just aint gonna cut it the way i planned it, not for me!
it took so long that we barely got lunch today. But it went so quick because we were learning so much!
i have been exhausted at the end of both days, and expect to be tommorrow also when we are doing mock labs & pcs 's with validation from the teachers.oh yeah, they looked at our documentation today also.
Needless to say, i still have lots to work on even though i thought i had studied myself to death.This certainly wont be easy!!!
I do need say though that i am more than ecstatic that i paid for this because even one little thing can fail you. i bet for me , it would be my nerves.....

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Arrival

I am here. Exhausted, Excited...& goin to bed!!Peace out!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Village Idiot

Everyday i get out of bed in the afternoon about 3:30...even if i dont have to go anywhere(which is rare since on the days without appointments i go to the gym anyway).After i take my bath, i generally make phone calls & review my "list" of things to do (housework, bills to pay, errands,etc). I then proceed to make dinner.
Usually this entails making one dinner for the family and a separate one for myself. I dont eat things like tuna helper, spaghetti,stuffed shells,etc. because of fat content and the fact that i prefer fresh over processed.
I do all this without complaint, without prompting, without help.Some of this revolves around a central kitchen location(the sink & counter tops) with the occasional excursion to the office, or bathroom, or laundry room. And it takes at least 2 -3 hours.
Ok, now ya have the background.
So, yesterday, when i got home in the morning there were, AGAIN someone elses dirty dishes in the sink.It is a well- known rule in our house to either wash them or put them in the dishwasher.i have done all in my power to enforce this rule-at first ,kindly .......and , since that was ignored,i have on occasion resorted to nagging .
I mean, how fair is it for me to clean up someone else mess in order to do something else for them ?So , i left a note on our dry erase board stating exactly this" when dirty dishes are left in the sink i cannot clean up after making dinner for everyone" and i simply (for the very first time)just walked out & left my mess in the kitchen after making dinner for the culprit to fess up and clean his dishes. i had no idea who did it since all 3 other family members do this(leave dirty dishes ,etc ) and since i left the house before any of them the night before.
Then , i went about my night.
After the gym , i returned home to have my head chewed off by my husband for "making him clean up after me" stating i"left a mess in the kitchen ' and those dishes"werent even his" blah, blah, blah.
He had ascertained that they were my sons( my daughter didnt own up to her bowl until later) and went into a rage about him. When he picked him up at work , he acted like an ass to him( apparently).
I don't get it. How is it that a person doesnt understand that:
1.what i wrote was directed toward the guilty party
2. that i clean up after everyone else all the time, and he's having a fit over doing it once
3. his statement that if i see dishes in the sink i should "just do them" instead of creating an arguement is absurd and unfair to me
Think about i--, that would leave me doing everyones work all the time.And does he honestly think it's ok for me to clean up other peoples messes but it's not ok for HIM to do it???

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Economic Blah Blah Blah

Ya gotta love America.After this tumultuous year with the economy- the money lost in 401k's , increased unemployment, gas price spikes and bail-outs it's interesting to see so many people NOT actually looking into the little holes in the trees of the forest.
On my home page i actually have two blogsites that are in complete opposition with each other most of the time. One is The All-American Blogger( a political conservative blog) and one is a non-political "green" liberal type site . It was originally an attempt of mine to keep a sane balance in my head . I had found so many times i would get caught up in one or the other almost to the point of being extremist...getting riled about the lack of medical care in third world countries , the desparation of disaster victims, genocide, and the collective conscience in general. On the other hand, politically i would go on tangents about the complete idiocy of huge corporations being given tax breaks, bonus money with no rules on how it was to be used, and the government "bailing out" companies by buying them out, and buying the banks that finance the huge mortgage debt so that in the end all it winds up being is another scheme to make more money.

Why is it, that as intelligent Americans we fail to see how we're constantly being duped? I personally would rather have a government say"Look, we just want to take your money. We want to be richer and more powerful. We don't want to have to work for it ourselves and we're not going to ask you for it- we're just going to take it . And thats's that."

But instead we get catch phrases like "stimulus packages" and "bail-outs" and "tax breaks/propositions". Meanwhile- most of us never look any further. We just bend over and say ...well, you know.
But back to the two blogs. Lately, it's been kind of amusing putting 2 & 2 together. one blogs post includes an exerpt concerning one legislative bill containing earmarks for"1.7 million for pig odor research in Iowa, 2 million for the promotion of astronomy in Hawaii,6.6 million for termite research in New Orleans,and 2.1 million for the Center for Grape Genetics in New York"
Another post includes an exerpt from the front page on Recovery.gov showing that 799 million dollars of the stimulus money is going to be spent on "mandatory transportation enhancements" defined as bike paths, sidewalk repair , and beautification projects" and excluding "vehicle or mass transit items".
Next i go into the "green" liberal blog.This one has a post with a link to Cnn.com with a video(sponsored by Exxonmobile!!) of Obama's speech on Renewable energy stating that 20 billion(or 15 million per year) will be spent on research for non carbon based energy technologies.Hmm. Now i wonder , how is all this possible?
Could it be that all the money is REALLY going to the "green jobs" we keep hearing about? you know the ones newly created for "research".
And I wonder who, in fact, actually gets these jobs.maybe some senators cousins? maybe some oil executives grandchildren?
Obama speaks of hybrid batteries made in korea and how this is a travesty- we should be sustainable in our own country.Ok. yeah. So instead of making our own batteries , we're researching pig farts, termite lifestyles, grapes, and looking at the stars in Hawaii.And we're spending a boatload on sidewalk cracks and recreational parks.
Does this make any sense??
yup...gotta love it. I can almost hear the rest of the world laughing out loud at the idiocy, if only they werent crying so hard at the cost of our greed.

Monday, March 2, 2009

only a short note

just a few words to say i've been deeply entrenched in my studies and havent found time to write lately. Also trying to get over a horrible cold. I'll be having a busy month, spending 4 days in new york, and 4 days in vermont.plus, hosting bunco, voluntering at the church nursery and it's my moms birthday...if i dont post as much, just know i'll be back on schedule in april after my clinical weekend the 3rd-5th.
i'm too tired to focus tonight , tried writing a decent pst but couldnt so i'll just leave it at that and give big smiles & hugs---- in a cyber kind of way! Nite!