Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day 2009

As i sit here desperately trying not to eat yet another walmart mini cupcake that my daughter left in the house, i am reflecting on the last two days.

above are pics of our "table of love", my daughter -ready for her date, and me with hubs right before we left for dinner.

First let me say that my birthday gift to myself was to take 2 days off in a row. My husband and i went out to the dinner & saw a wonderful movie last night. Tonight i am home all alone since he decided to work a double, my son is with his dad, and my daughter has a date.But still my valentines day was pretty good.

I got up early, cleaned like a maniac, then went out & bought balloons, cardsm candy & gifts for my kids & husband.I also am in the middle of wathcing a movie about Jackson Pollock which made me take a break to paint...although i'm not happy with the results of my painting, i'll keep trying.

My daughter got me a cute little Demdaco mother & daughter box, my husband got me a little statue that says i love you. Over all , a good day.I didnt practice any of my labs as planned though. Instead i drank a glass of champaigne...lame, i know.

Lately i cant seem to think of anything interesting to blog about. Maybe my brain is dying. All i know is this....

1. i've gained back about 5 lbs since starting to eat meat & white flour again. plus my gut feels horrible

2. i've stopped going to yoga since we have these new teachers-not feelin it. I did lift weights on those days though. my goal is getting back to 3 days then 4 of lifting.

3.i still have a ton of studying to do, and it it still overwhelming.

So there you have it , my life in a nut shell. Hopefully after church tomorrow or maybe by moday i'll have something better to blog about. Until then...happy valentines!!

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