Thursday, February 5, 2009

Talk Time

I have finally come to the conclusion that i seriously need to talk less. In fact , in keeping with the theme of this blog, it is something i want to do less. I really dont have a plan so maybe i'll research it online tonight. But basically i had the seed planted by a Joyce Meyer Video I watched at Bible study tuesday and then it took root when my brother called this morning and my diarrhea of the mouth obviously made the conversation get cut short. I had such terrible guilt after that. I texted him back to apologize profusely because i think he actually wanted to talk to me about something and he must've said something that triggered my ducks butt mouth.Ugh!
I use this blog , as i stated many times, as a touchpoint for myself.It helps me to make goals and then sometimes look back in review. It holds me accountable.Sometimes, its so powerful, i actually hesitate to post a goal because it makes others aware if i fail, or quit!
So, here it is. I want to talk less, listen more. There -i said it.
I've always known this should be a pursuit of mine. I know it puts other people off when i go on & on. I dont really know why i'm like that. And i swear, its only goptten worse as i age!
I figure, if i talk less, it will also simplify my life.Think about it. Less is more.I will learn more patience, get to know others better.I just have to figure out how to stop myself.Like many bad habits, it will be a hard one to break. But i feel thta in the long run, it will definitely be an improvement. And on that note.....good night!

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