Monday, February 16, 2009

Stimulus Simulator

Today i actually did good...i practiced all my sim labs, re-watched my cpne video(gleaning new knowledge) reviewed my flashcards & practiced writing careplans!So! Todays FunFactor:(take a few seconds , will ya!)
For some dumb reason though i couldnt get this video to play right on my blog. but just know this ---it makes me feel good everytime i watch it!
I want to keep going with my original theme of wanting less. I've been contemplating the directions i want to take it in this new year. Since i just read that the new stimulus package will give us somewhere between $7-13.00 a week this year i thought i might use that as a starting point.
As in, "what could i do with that extra 7-13 a week this year?"
Is this really going to put anything back into our economy?really , who cares?
I am guessing that after the average joe receives his $400 check this year , he will do one of several things:
1. use it to pay a bill or two
2.splurge on something
3. (unlikely)put it into savings

But these things will happen mostly because it all comes in one lump sum. Spent or put away immediately with no real thought about it afterwards. ok, except maybe the gripe that it wasnt enough.
I have another suggestion; cash it .And keep that cash around spending only $7-13 a week.
Why? It's a simple way to actually get more enjoyment out of it. Like the gift that keeps on giving. Here's some thought as to how one might indulge:
1. I always make my coffee at home now since i bought a kuerig and get the lovely gourmet pods. This is nice, but so many times i've walked away from my old buddy starbucks because i could no longer justify a $4-5.00 coffee. well, now i can do that twice a week if i want.
2. same goes for those magazines i used to enjoy buying at the grocery store
3. i can give extra for suprise ministries at church when they come up , instead of feeling bad when the offering tray comes around & i've already given my check for tithe.
4.when my kids or husband need a few extra bucks for gas , i can give it without mourning the loss of my "allowance"
5. heck, i can afford to get a decent car wash!
6.if i want to rent a movie above & beyond my alloted 2 at a time, no biggie!
7. splurge on a fountain soda- a rare treat for this die hard fast food hater
8.i can buy a few scratch off lotto tickets each week
9. not that i would, but i could go to a movie by myself
10.the dollar store is a great place for a shopping spree with this kind of loot- wrapping paper, car deodorizers, index cards, cat box liners...wahoo!
11. the library always has used book sales
12. and there's this thrift shop i've been meaning to visit.
Yup, the world is my oyster now! Thanks Obama!i am soon off to stimulate the economy.I'll be thinking about all those poor suckers who blew it all in one shot too.

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Celestial Stranger said...

how does something like a check supposed to stimulate our economy when everything is made in china? I think their economy will be stimulated. I want to splurge so bad right now LOL