Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A "Silent" Night

So i have larygitis again. Third time in the past year.
I just dont get it. i havent had it before this since i was a kid. I guess it's just going to be a "getting older" thing for me. It does suck.
Anyway, so i go in anyway to work(after checking with the mom that she still wants me to come if i wear a mask) since i dont feel that bad. Then i get here(havent been at this case in a loooong time, maybe 6-7 months) and Mom decides she is going to sleep in bed with the kid.
I'm thinking"you've GOT to be KIDDING me."This is the family i have gone to Ohio with for summer vacation for the past two years.I've done this childs case since she first came home from the hospital 4 years ago. They ought to know me & trust me by now.
Turns out mom(who is getting ever paranoid & strange) says she's "so fearful right now" because 2 other Acradia Syndrome kids have passed away this week.I asked her if she was aware that this was out of her hands & she says"i know but I'm just not ready".
Welcome to Homecare.
This is what we run in to. Paranioa, other parents who blame nursing for things out of their control, parents who(although they may have good intentions) do their kids more harm than good,etc.
Like tonight- before mom got into the kids bed, the kid was actually quiet & falling asleep, but then became very active and fussy because of mom moving her all around the bed , pulling the kid on top of herself, kissing her and stuff. Children need their sleep.This is when they grow. It's a simple concept i wish some parents would get.
FunFactor:I am still perfecting my bread recipe. this new batch i tried making less wet . It seemed to rise better and didnt stick as much, but when trying to bake it today, it became hard and wouldnt bake right in the middle. so i added more sprinkles of water and will wet it tomorrow before baking. i am determined to get it right.I havent started looking for sprout seed yet. Maybe next week or so.I really want to try to grow my own this year. I will also attempt a small "bag" garden this year. Gotta start planning that one. If i dont get to it though, i'll try a few potted vegetables.No use stressing over it. A person cant always get to everything.
It was a very good bible study tonight. We wrapped up the Joyce Meyers Series and next week we start a Beth Moore study on Esther. I hear Miss Moore is deep, and tedious to read. So i am hoping the dvd's will make up for that.
Well, in closing, the Mom finally did decide she had to get some sleep herself and went to bed upstairs.This-- immediately after i decided to let it go, and not be upset. Sometimes the rope we cling to is the one that hangs us, and if we let it go God will catch us.
Good night.And , no, i did not steal that line- it just came to me. Hmmmm....


Anonymous said...

omg, I think I would have went home right then and there. And btw, I've got what you got too. On the verge of laryngitis and my chest hurt so bad and was so darn tired i just called off for tonight. Hopefully this is the last illness of the winter season cause I just cant take getting sick too much more. Even my husband commented at how much I've been sick this dang year! Anywho, catch ya later!


nirvana diva said...

i really wanted to go home beleive me. but then i said to myself "self- you dont have to worry about this. You dont even have to THINK about it. just let it go, ignore her & do your thing"-2 seconds later she gets frustrated that "for some reason" the child wont go to sleep like she expected her to and mom wantes her sleep now so she goes upstairs . of course the kid was then up til 3 am...oh, well...and yeah--still sick today & feeling worse!