Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday Night Special

My time off this Saturday night was a blessed event. But before i ge into that,check this out...i LOOOVE this! me right up when i'm feelin lie!!!
So anyway, since i am the one who has to do the grocery shopping every two weeks, i decided to make a FUN event of it. Instead of just trudging right up the road to Giant, i went for a few items at BJ's and then to a megagrocery store -Wegmans. I left the house at 5pm and didnt return til after 8:30. I didnt get it all put away til 9:30. Let me tell ya, that store is overwhelming. They have about a dozen different everythings in a dozen shapes & sizes. The organic section alone took me 2o minutes!
But, proudly, i didnt overspend.And i even went & got a club card afterwards & saved another 30 bucks. Well, my total bill between the two stores was like 387. It's not great. I have work to do on self control . But truly my excuse this time was not being able to find stuff i usually get, the fact that they didnt carry some of the same stuff and at least half of the prices were higher.So at least if i go again , i'll know what i'm in for.
This is what lack of planning gets you. I probably wont go very often for those reasons, plus the fact that it's about 15 minutes fiurther away & in a high traffic area. But , what the hell. It was a great date with myself.
Afterwards i ate a great big greek style turkey burger and watched a movie on my computer in bed. Ahhh, relaxation. This time , i didnt even have a zillion things rolling around in my head to keep me awake afterward so i slept like a baby.
I went to church today with my daughter, her date, and my son. It was a great service. The skit they did was hilarious,too.
Afterwards, we all went back to the house . My FunFactor for the day was watching my daughter(23) and her date trying to make grilled cheese and soup. She actually made him do the grilled cheese!and she nuked the soup as her contribution! oh, these much to learn!
I've come to a decision , too. In the interest of keeping things lively, i will no longer blog as much about my clinicals. What i'm doing instead is keeping a personal journal so i can keep track of my progress. It just makes sense, since i truly think no one wants to hear me go on with the details of studying. In fact, it even bores me to read about it sometimes.
Well, thats all for now folks. And by the way, my bread making is well underway and getting compliments so "The Adventure" has begun!

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