Saturday, February 7, 2009

Refocusing & Paring Down

I'm finally outta the Ghetto tonight and back with my favorite case. Not sure what next week will bring, but i'm hanging in there. My birthday is next friday and hubbs & i are going out to a sweetheart dinner & movie at a banquet hall sponsored by our church.Then its Valentines day! i love these kinds of holidays. and i am so glad i'm not a Jehovah's witness so i get to enjoy them! They are a big FunFactor in my life!( No offense secrets!:))
In looking back over my recent posts , i've noticed another decline in the quality of material presented with reguard to my original theme.I know i tend to veer off from this easily. I guess i find it hard to stay focused.
There are some things this year so far that have been done to continue the progress that i'd neglected to mention, due to a brain glitch i guess.
1. we cancelled our ADT service. This saves 102.00 per month. we were really no longer using it. we still have all the cameras & equip though since we purchased it outright and i'm glad we did. i like to use the cameras to feel secure when i'm in bed alone, and i also love the intercom system since i dont have to yell for my kids to come downstairs for things .
2.i HAVE decided to do my own haircolor which will save about 100-125.00 a month. i've also dropped the ultra expensive products and use just salon grade(still pricey, but only half as much).
3. after doing the fast with the church and eliminating meat & white flour it saved so much $ on groceries. i even like the menu change. i still have to buy meat for the rest of the family, but my daughter eats more fruits & veggies now & my son loves salads.So it's just the hubby. i saved about $80-100 last month .I also finally dropped those 7lbs i was fighting with!
4. as soon as we find out the specifics of everything required , we will be turning in my sons license to the dmv until he gets his own insurance or turns 18.this will save us $1400. 00 this year.

Now, all of this being said, and the fact that we wont be going away for vacation- a real bummer- i must also confess. there has been alot of money spent on my educational costs these past few months. the workshop in ny was $755, with the hotel costing $356 for 3 nights. the hotel has a fridge , microwave and is less than 5 miles from the site i can purchase food and bring it with me. i am driving which will save bus, train or air fair but i'll have to buy gas .Additionally the clinical itself was 1900. oo which was on a payment plan, but when i accepted my date it had to be paid right away (balance was $760) and with that came a hotel stay again ($)139.00, and of course gas and i am taking food.theres a small fridge , coffee maker (in room) and a micro to use in their kitchen.
After all this, if i pass, i still have one online course to take($300.00) and graduation fees and the state board exam fee.So life this year has still been pretty expensive.
I feel justified though since education is an investment. With a higher degree comes more opportunity and of course more money. But the bigger part of it is financial and career security.
All said, the ends justify the means.
And i feel good about it.
We have a solid plan for paying the credit card balance off by April, too. and my husband is even tweeking the finances so we can live on a 5 day a week paycheck, if it comes to that.
So far, we are on track this year!

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