Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Perseverance r/t Husbandry

I spent alot of time tonight studying, still being overwhelmed at the prospect of losing thousands of dollars and wasting all this time if i should fail my clinicals. The task is so daunting.
Right now though, before i continue my night by watching a movie , i wanna give a shout out to the people i've had to ignore at times throughout this process. And a great big hug to those who are putting up with my moodiness.
Thanks for being supportive. I love ya!
But let me tell you ,my husband was really upsetting tonight. I presented him with the typed up list for my sons discipline and, as expected, he "doesnt agree with it". We got into a huge arguement, as usual. I get the feeling that even after 7 years this is a man who will never be compassionate or understanding towards the human condition.I try to remind my husband that Jesus teaches forgiveness, but my husband says he wont forgive my son. Its ridiculous. Thank God I had Bible study tonight because i was getting close to exploding after that (and some other )comments that were made.
I wont continue to vent on that subject. I'll just keep trying to be positive.
It's been a pretty busy week again so far. I was able to get rescheduled for work since i dropped a case and another baby didnt come home. Tonight it was nasty weather, driving around, but weirdly some areas were'nt even touched. Todays FunFactor:I am enjoying my remote start in my car as well.It gets the car nice & warm before i go out in the morning, and i also can set the defrost !
ok, i'm still mad at my husband.i''l keep trying to block it out.
On another note.I did make it to the gym last night and worked my legs. It was good. Very good. I am sore.
Here's how the rest of my week will go-an early dinner with a friend tomorrow, tanning, then gym and maybe Yoga. Thurs . my son has a counseling appt. then i'll go to the gym. Fri- i tan at 5pm then go to the gym. Saturday i have to get groceries and practice my labs at home. sunday is church in the morning then i clean the house(of course this is an ongoing venture). This pretty much sums up my usual week.I am not gonna throw in all the other stuff like work and studying because thats an everyday given.SO....maybe you can understand how i get swamped. Dealing with the kids is another time consumption.
Oh, i do so hope i get some relief maybe time away!!!
And, i am still upset with the hubs..but less so...i'll keep trying.
For all the stuff that goes wrong each day, a hundred more go right. And i am thankful.
Soon again, i can post about the simple life i'm trying to achieve. Next up...doing my own hair color at home. Savings-possibly over $100 a month!

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