Monday, February 9, 2009

Motor Maintenence

Today was such a beautiful day weather wise that our entire family spent time outdoors washing & vacuming our cars!It was neat to have a taste of Spring.

I am doing well with honing my listening skills. I started out not saying much, just one or two word answers , but then realized that if i kept doing that i might come off to some as dull-witted and lacking conversational etiquette. So , every few topics i talk a little bit.Not much, just to add to the discussion. Not sure how this will work out in the end though since theres such a variation in the conversations with all have with different persons, as well as the frequency. For instance, if i talk with someone almost everyday, the dialogue could get very monotonous if only two or three topics are discussed all the time, or if i only have one or two word replies.So , adjustments will be made on an individual basis, as time goes by.

This weekend was fairly dull. I went grocery shopping, to church and studied alot.The week coming up looks to be very busy and then (friday) it will be my 42nd birthday! I already got two gifts -a dvd and a book(which will need exchanged because i already read it).

ok, back hurts and i feel like watching a movie so...i'm outta here!

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