Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Grrr..oh what a night!

i am having an incredibly bad night with my client. He had to go on oxygen, he ran out of his antibiotic too early, and his feed pump froze up-i cannot wait to go home.He (the baby) has been pretty good though, only awake for about an hour so far then back to sleep.
Since all that was going on, i didnt get to study much, just read a few pages.oh, well.
My son is coming home from his week at his dads tomorrow and i will be so relieved. He was supposed to come home yesterday, but since there was no school , his dad made the "executive decision "to keep him another day. My stress level currently precludes any unnecessary confrontations. But if it happens again, i will not hold my tongue.Anyway, it kinda made me depressed. Here's how i dealt with THAT:
  • i took my dog for a short walk in the freezing cold. she hasnt been walked in a while since the Lyme disease diagnosis. i wore knee length sweats and froze my butt off. i was actually thankful she didnt want to walk very far.
  • i ate a ton of veggies, then moved on to chocolate, apple pie and animal cookies.
  • next i sat down to watch a movie- i rarely do this at home since i watch so many at work.but this way i got to go to blockbuster & get 2 new ones out before i..
  • went to the gym.glad i did..this really cute hottie struck up a brief conversation with me which totally boosted my ego.
  • when i got home i chatted with my daughter for a change...

Then i took a 30 minute nap before work.Overall the plan worked , even though i didnt really want to go to work, i was over the nagging depression.Usually for me , getting out of the house and indulging in a few things does me wonders.Mostly too, i pushed out negative thoughts, refused to dwell on them and replaced them with positive ones.And so there it is my uplifting day in a nutshell.

Sure wish tonight would've went better..Namaste!

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