Monday, February 2, 2009

Go Steelers!

I spent my night off with my husband at an auto & boat show. We again visited the boat we have been dreaming of. If I had not been the voice of reason , i am sure my husband would have bought the darn thing! He kept asking me if we should go back & get it.A 40,000.00 boat! In this economy!At least it didnt take much to reason it out with him despite our desire to own one someday. If they would've combined the boats with Rv's in that show,i think they'd have made a fortune in entrance fees right now. The reason is simple. Even if most of us cant afford a life of being permanently on vacation, we still like to dream about it. And walking in and around these items lets us revel in the absurd possiblity- a daydream , if you will.
They had awful food there, however, so even though i was on my last day of fasting, i tried a french fry(allowed) and knew i wasnt missing out on anything.Today i went back to eating meat. And boy did i eat too much. First i made myself a special shrimp dinner, followed by a peice of fruit spice bread.Then we attended a superbowl get together at a neighbors and i ate sausage & peppers, a taco spread on tortilla chips and some kind of spinache cheese cube thing. It sounds weird but it was good. I left early to go home & nap.
I will probably gain back every last pound i lost these three weeks.i hadnt even been to the gym except for yoga for 2 weeks now. But i am resolved to re-commit tomorrow night. i'll even go in a bit early before yoga & do light legs.i did actually wind up enjoying my fast. the food is so simple and inexpensive.Tonight i brought a beansprout & baby spinache wrap to work , along with some grapes and strawberries. I find i do quite well with vegetarianism.i hardly missed meat the last week.
Todays FunFactor: watching everyone else watching the superbowl and wondering why we humans do such trivial , irrelevant things. I mean, how does a football score change my ife? or move me? I can even say watching Desparate Housewives moves me at times, but never a football score.Still, it's pretty amusing looking around at peoples faces when they are really getting into it.
My Everyday Adventure today was going through my recipe box and planning my strategy for this weeks menu and next weeks grocery list. If this seeems lame to you, thats because it is. My life is on a calm sea for today- not rocky waters, no pirates. And,after the last few weeks , i for one, plan on enjoying it while it lasts...boring or no!
My son is still home, no new news there. My daughter is on an even keel at the moment. Our bills are getting paid. I am still working towards my goals.And thats just where i want to be .Authentically Yours.

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