Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Darn this economic panic!

i honestly do believe that no matter what we buy with our stimulus check, the money goes straight into more greedy pockets. But that is the plan after all. The rich want to get richer, and the government is not above using words like "stimulus" or "bail out" to make us believe they are trying to help us out, when in fact it's just another round about way to line their own pockets.Example-they buy banks("bail out") to buy mortgages to get the interest money on those mortgages for themselves.
In response to a comment i got to a recent post: yes, almost everything we buy is made in a foreign country. So how does this stimulate americas ecomomy? also , in a round about way.
See, it takes a lot of jobs done by americans to get those things from there to here, and to negotiate prices, and to get them out to the places they need to be , and to work the finances on all that...all so that we can maintain the expected lifestyle to which we are accustomed.If we dont buy those products(which is a pipedream anyway- people will always go to walmart because they get stuff cheaper) then we are sort of stuck paying the price of isolation from the worldwide market.
I'm sure there's some very good economic formulas to explain the theory. but , really, it's just common sense.
I figure the only way we can decide not to give anything back out of these stim checks is to cash them and(instead of my previous suggestion of spreading out the enjoyment) and use the cash to purchase seeds from local farmers /gardeners to start your own garden, orchard or feild. Then tend it & raise the crop yourself for your family's food supply.
Yeah, takes on a whole new picture , doesnt?
See, most americans think like that. "no way i'm gonna get out there and do all that work when i can just buy stuff at the local grocery chain store". We're spoiled. So when ya wonder how this stimulates our ecomony- think about that.
The reason i made the post about spending it out( aside from prolonging my own pleasure) was double-sided. All those people i give that small amount to each week are employed in america. The barista at Starbucks, The cashier at Giants, the Blockbuster employee,even the thrift shop owner. if i can contribute anything to America, i'd like to help people keep their jobs right now. The small jobs---the ones teens , retirees, and educationally challenged can get.
The more businesses i patronize, the more people stay's my own tiny little contribution to the country i know.
I can't go around telling people how to spend that $. It's not my place. It is my suggestion, it is my own plan. But there are many out there who never get to splurge. And those desparately trying to pay off debt,save for a home or college, or even buy groceries or heat.Being gainfully employed , i am fortunately able to take the check in stride this time,and hope to make a difference- no matter how small.

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