Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bread & More CPNE stress!

In accordance with my favorite publication"mother earth News"i finally tried the 5 minutes a day artison bread. I made the dough tonight and tested a smalll loaf which didnt turn out bad. i will be tryin a loaf tomorrow(whilst baking blueberry muffins) after i grocery shop. With this recipe i am looking forward to having fresh baked bread everyday if i want.It actually tasted delicious, and it reputed to get better with storage(like sourdough).
So , in additionto my goal of perfecting the bread, i also ran across an article in the current issue on growing your own sprouts. It sounds easy, and since i love sprouts and buy them every grocery trip-- these two things promise to be FUNFACTORS, and will give me something more for less(more flavor, more self-satisfaction, and spending less $)!wahoo! Bonus!
I spent 4 hours studying tonight. I am including as part of my studies reading online journals of other students who have gone throught he clinicals. Now, if that doesnt make me pee my pants. The more i read the worse i feel!It sounds like a nightmare come true. One of the more popular posters had to go three times. If you fail your third time, you get kicked out of the program. i'm not even sure where one would go from there.
I have a great fear of failing and losing all this time & money.
Let me post my "spreadsheet" plan"...
I wrote up a grid for each day of the week. i do at least two things on my list each night, sometimes more.The things i have listed are: mnuemonics cards-these are the critical elements critical elements flashcards(i also have the audio cd) online skills videos- these are either or on youtube manual chapters
5.dosage calculations
6.write careplans
7.practice labs
8.practice manual bp's
9.documentation workbooks
11.get ?'s answered( like going on discussion boards, emailing questions to school, reasearch) the cpne orientation dvd fundamentals

yes, this is my plan. and until this crisis is over , you can expect non-stop ranting and blogging about it. Thats just part of the package right now.And mostly , this is my checking in point at night. I derail, and take a backseat.
And now i shall move on to other matters! Vermont, for instance...C-ya!

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Secrets said...

Plans are good if they take you to the goal. And then if they take you to the goal, the question becomes are they executable and if so, will one execute them faithfully and not change the plan unless it is beneficeial to reaching the goal. If so, and the elements of planning and execution work together.....then its a plan.