Thursday, January 1, 2009

Top 10 Biggest Influences in My Life

Friends and family are a given here. I could not possibly go into all the detail & reasons each of them has made a difference in my life. Blessings are abound.It goes without saying that each of us are profoundly affected by family members, friends, colleagues, and others who surround us in our daily lives. A huge "shout out" to all of you!

The following list includes various things- not just people, but things, events and places that have had a life changing effect on me, and/or deeply moved me in some way such that i never forgot them.

  • Mother Theresa and Ghandi- the way they lived their lives, their philosophy, and the ways they changed the world have impressed and awed me beyond compare

  • The Outer Banks, n.c.-from the first time i vacationed there, i knew it was a place i'd return to over & over again.There was a definite spiritual connection for me there

  • quitting smoking- this was a goal i thought i'd never, ever attain. It was the hardest and most rewarding goal i've ever accomplished

  • nursing- until i got into pediatric care, i never considered myself a "kid" person despite having 2 of my own. Now , i go "ga-ga" for babies and cannot WAIT to have grandkids

  • Woodstock- watching the video for the first time as a teen gave me a whole new perspective on how we live and relate to each other in the world.Without the drugs, the hippie culture/movemnent would've rocked the world even more!

  • my personal trainer- from several years ago- i had worked out before, but it wasnt until i buckled down with a 5 day a week trainer for nine months that i really found out what my body was capable of looking like ,and i've been addicted to weight-lifting ever since

  • "The Tick" cartoon- aside from the fact that it brings back memories of laughs & good times, the character actually has a philosphy on life that is inspiring and has quite a few sayings to that affect that i still think about and use

  • reaggae music-i grew up listening to all types of music. In fact , it was a very very large part of my life, including playing guitar myself.But it wasnt until i attended a music festival in Bethlehem,Pa in 1996 that i learned what my favorite genre was and still is. i'd have never guessed

  • "Driving Miss Daisy"- when i watch this movie, so many emotions come to the surface from within me.Always.

  • The home PC and the internet- being a research and trivia buff this one is self-explanatory

Well, thats the top 10. I can think of many others.But i had to consolidate to keep this reasonable.

One thing i realized while i was making this list was how each of these things have shaped me into the person i've become. And the list isnt "bogus", or just things "i wish" had influenced me. Those things would be another list. No, these are the actuals.

While compiling them i realized a little bit about the person i've become. And hopefully a bit about the person i hope to become.


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