Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Refreshed & Renewed

Things have settled down at our house. After yoga monday night and Ladies bible study tonight, i am spiritually & physically renewed and regaining focus on the issues at hand.
What i discovered about the past few days is this:
1. I was almost more upset that my daughter was upset about her brother going with his dad than i was for my son. What this says about me, i dont know, other than maybe i've become more hardened to my sons antics ?
2.that Lyme disease in a dog isnt as bad as in humans and despite my dogs age, she has a good chance of recovery
3. that , while i still tend to react "largely" at first, i am able to calm myself down within a few hours. this is a grand improvement over most of my life.I am crediting yoga , and God.
4. that there are still Funfactors to be had, and Everyday Adventures. I have recently not stopped to smell these proverbial roses.Tonight's was the first bible study of the year - trying to find the location of the home it was held in, in the dark on a neatly ice covered road felt like being a pioneer as i waited for signs of wildlife to suprise me from the air, forest, or field(they were a no show) and navigated the terrain with caution .
It was a reminder that i had forgotten that life is a great adventure, no matter who we are, where we are and what our daily agenda.
All it takes is time to STOP ,look, listen,smell,feel,and reflect.My dogs life has been a good one overall, not nearly so tragic as i believed on Friday. My son is doing fine(i spoke to him today). And even though i still "react", there has been improvement--alot of it. The "peace" of it is a Funfactor in itself--watching the looks i get fromthose who know me well seeing my calmer self (compared to a years ago) deal with things . It's partly getting older& wiser as well,but i cant help but believe that watching myself grow this past year has definitely helped. With this blog , i've been able to track & re-track my progress. It keeps me from backsliding,and holds me accountable.
...p.s.sorry this post doesnt flow as well as i'd have liked...just tryin to keep it real!

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