Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mom Zombie

I want to scream at the blind man.Only a few of you will know what this means. But trust me, it just adds to a frustrating week. I got so little sleep this week i am like the living dead.And tonight because of last night , i am in the ghetto again.
Something must be done about my sleep problem or i am headed for any early grave. My eyes are always ringed and wrinkly,making me look way older than i should.
Also, i am freezing here tonight. had to steal a kids (extra) blanket for my legs.
Lately, i feel as if i am complaining so much i should just run away for a little bit to collect my thoughts.But at least it keeps me awake. I did get a lot of dosage calculations practice tonight, and re-read my critical elements. I got to watch "lost" & "true beauty" last night online, and next i'll watch some dvd's life is not all bad.
In leiu of complaining some more, i'll just get right to that and so here's wishing a great big smile to all!
Good Night!

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