Monday, January 12, 2009

The Goalie

I am starting to see how it will be more difficult to keep up with blogging daily . This year , until i pass my CPNE clinicals, and then my boards(God willing) i am going to be enthralled with the likes of SIM lab videos, mneumonics, careplans, and practicing stuff like iv & im injections. Unlike some people who START blogs, but cant find time to continue them, i will still post fairly frequently,if only because i so often have no one to talk to, and i am a very lonely person(on a day to day type basis). But being lonely is ok.
Because clearly i have the likes of this blog to compensate.
If i didnt , i would probably go stark-raving mad at times.
Anyhoo, this year - yes we will all keep saying "this year" for at least another month- i also have some new goals besides being focused on the window.
Like physical fitness goals, healthy eating goals, home improvement goals, career goals and maybe even some others.
Goals , Goals, Goals- i should be a hockey player!
Many people go through life , i've realized, with very few goals. Now- do you think this is a good or bad thing?
I used to say with all certainly - BAD! But , after watching "Pineapple Express" and realizing how wonderful it looks in so many movies to just sit around being high all the time, i have to question the goal thing. I mean, after all, why wouldnt i want to :sleep all day, not work, eat whatever i want, have lots of friends(who like to get high) and basically not care that i was this way?
Sure, to those of us who work, and were raised to work and have responsibilities(without realizing at first what a slow ,painful death they lead to)it may seem like the obvious answer. But isnt it true that it's awfully expensive to work. and if we spend all our time working for someone else, how do have time to learn to do things for ourselves? Like- because we work, most of us cannot garden, hunt for food, build homes,get natural healthy exercise(or even enough natural sunlight).And because of this we often dont get enough vitamins, time with our family, dont attend church, and we dont "connect" with other people face to face.
Isnt it true that we spend more money trying to pay for all the things we need in order to keep working like childcare, fast lunches, gas for our cars, gyms memberships, mortgages,etc,etc.etc!?
So , again, do i really NEED these goals- or have i just been trained like a common household pet to want them???Time will tell.
Let's make todays Funfactor: Car aerobics- a game first invented by my daughter & i many years ago in our many times stuck in traffic or traveling together. It's all about the small, small muscles- like the thumb muscles, eyelids, and jaws. You can do unilateral stuff as a driver-like the funky chicken, which works the shoulders. Passengers can do much more. have fun- you invent as you go!

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