Monday, January 5, 2009

Fast Times

It's actually been a few days since i 've been on here. Lots going on, and the subject near & dear to my heart this eve is fasting.
Our whole church has scheduled a voluntary fast from jan. 11th -31st. This time i am actaully considering participating. There's no sign up, no "fasting club". It's all very personal.No one even has to know you're doing it.
We were, however, given a handout with relevant biblical passages pertaining to fasting and some suggestions as to the types of fasts we may want to do. By far the most popular one being the "Daniel Fast".
This is the one that also interests me the most. It excludes flour products, sugar, sugar substitutes, caffiene, dairy, and meat- these being the things of the king's table which were offered up to pagan idols. There's also the full liquid fast and a partial fast.Under these categories are the subcategories of:disciples, ezras, samuels, elijahs, widows, pauls,daniel,john the baptists, and esther fast. each correlates to a meaning specific to the cause they represent.
The reason i am considering the daniel fast is because these are mostly the things i have not obtained mastery over in my diet.
And , as our pastor says, fasting can be a miraculous .It helps us displine our hearts, minds, and bodies to submit to our will and the will of God.
The only thing i have to figure out is my intent. Because without focus and purpose the fast is worth very little. I know the answer is out there somewhere.
And, i believe in miracles.
In fact, i believe this will be a year of miracles in my life. I have been reflecting on the ways God has worked in my life in the past few months, bringing me closer to Him and my family closer to me (and Him). So many things , in so many ways...just creating the opportunities for success and love and goodness, enriching my home, my friends, etc. And bending my ways to meet His will.
It is , at times, overwhelming.
So i expect an answer, a miracle, a reason. And i know i'll get one.Amen and amen.

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