Friday, January 30, 2009

At Long Last

i finally get to blog again. The "son "issue is mostly resolved. He will now alternate weeks living with his dad & me.Plus i agreed to drop the child support case. I wasnt getting any money anyhow, & it was pointless. So, yes, i was the Biggest Loser. But i had no other answers that made sense & got tired of the stress.
Right now, i need to be concentrating on studying, not that BS. because......(drumroll)

Yes, at long last! and even better , it's right down the road. Not in another state! Hooray!But i really do need to study & practice, practice , practice! because i recently realized that i suck at taking manual bp's ( we dont do it hardly ever in pediatric homecare) and i tried packing that fake wound i ordered & its harder than it looks!!i did figure out how to control the iv drip rate fairly well, and i 'm pretty confident with im injections. I've been practicing my dosage calculations,i was really bad at that...but now feel much more confident. I do need to start care plans & documentation again. I will make an exact plan tonight. And hopefully my freind , Sandy , will practice with me---soon!
ok, enough about that.
Since these past two weeks have been crazy and depressing and horrendously busy, i only went to the gym 3 times, and only for yoga. i crapped out all the other days. So i must re-commit come monday or i feel i will slip into the abyss with, that would be so easy. and then summer would come and i wouldnt have the body i can live with in shorts.
And thats also important to me.
On a more positive note, i've lost 7 lbs since starting the fast. that will end sunday, and i plan on celebrating with meat & cake---yum! but strangely, its almost become a habit now that i dont even think much about meat or white flour products. i'm almost happier with this diet. so simple, so cheap, so healthy. i wonder if i could keep it, or if i'll fall back into my old habits at the first taste of the previous foods.
Another thing thats been annoying me- whenever i wear my hair down, i've been getting comments about how tired i look. something must be done!
ok-thats all the news. i promise a more inspiring post soon, as long as the earth keeps spinning properly and the chaos stays somewhat reigned in!
til then -blessings!

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