Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another night, Another day

Tonight i am watching a really cute, but very tiny little baby. She's 8 months old & only about 10 lbs.Her sister is also one of my cases so i'm with both . so far, so good. Keepin my fingers crossed.

As far as my studying goes, i have watched my cpne video , set up my home sim lab, and reviewed(briefly) my workbook & critical elements flashcards. i have also started to listen to the audio cd in my car.I know some of the things i suck at since i wasted my entire mini iv bag solution trying to get air out of the line. Must master the back flush!

I know for some of you this is a non interesting post. but a reminder here: this blog also serves as a checkpoint to refer back to , to see how far i've come & where my mind was at in different points of time.A diary of sorts.

I am starting to get sick of Facebook & myspace, so i've decided i will probably only check them once or twice a week for awhile.With all the chaos in my life, who needs the worry of wondering why your life seems so boring and needy compared to others?

On another note, my son is a topic of intense deliberation in my mind as well. i am unclear as to what would be worse for him- staying with his dad (the irresponsible loudmouth volatile creature) or staying with me & maybe not learning his lesson.Much prayer going into this.

well, gotta go....duty calls!

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Celestial Stranger said...

Just got to reading your blog. We so need to catch up tomorrow. Hey looks like our coffee dates purpose is working out after all. See you at my house 3pm.