Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yoga Bliss

Pic-The Cookie Marathon(my daughter & I)-all packaged in gift bags, no less!
FunFactor:Pulling that just-done sweatshirt out of the dryer -all warm and soft and putting it on right away....sweet.

Tonight at Yoga i felt something new inside. It was a feeling of "inner independence".The class was less full than usual and i felt able to breathe, and a freedom not to look at my face in the mirror, but at my form and to close my eyes more ,relishing the goodness in my body. I felt healthier in the class than i had in weeks.

During Sun Salutation , my body stretched easily and fluidly, lengthening more than ever before . My breath was even and unfettered by the usual sinus problems. I was energized, and yet, relaxed.

This doesnt happen often to me. And it was no spiritual enlightenment. Just a new focus, and much appreciated in both body & mind.I walked out feeling...... different.

It didnt hurt that today's weather(in the 60's!)was so spring-like and unexpected. Nor did it hurt that i'd had the house all to myself most of the evening, efficiently getting many loose ends tied up. Over all my night had gone well.

When I left the gym , i got a message from my mom that she'd been in a bad accident. She was doing ok, and was at home. Just bruised. I was glad to hear that.

What got me was that ,once again, Yoga had the effect of keeping me calm in the storm.

This year has been a whirlwind of chaos and sadness and upheaval for me. But i've been able to weather it unusually well. Besides the credit i give to my faith, yoga has had more of an effect than i had anticipated. And it's been dramatically subtle.If there is such a thing.

I guess it's all it's cracked up to be, at least for some of us.

And , so, into the holiday season i coast. Renewed, refreshed, and awed.Namaste.

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