Friday, December 12, 2008

Another Day, Another Night

When it rains, it pours.
About a month or so ago our family was informed by my brother that he was going to have a twins with a girl exactly half his age .It was a pretty decent scandal.But low & behold , the devil has come out of her dungeon. Turns out she never was pregnant & has been stringing him along all these 3 months, including our family in the deal.Our mom's pretty upset.Not to mention my brother.hmph...i'll get you my pretty!!Just kiddin!
Tonight I am at a case i was switched to and the baby has been a tyrant all night long! Sleeping for 3-5 mins then awake for an hour. I am ready to go insane! He's not sick...just been sleeping all day. Yeah, when i got here he was asleep. So was mom, on the couch. Gee, cant imagine why some of these kids get their nights & days mixed up!
I havent been able to study at all. I spent 3 hours repositioning, venting(g-tube),suctioning, doing CPT,changing diapers, patting his butt, rocking name it. I know it's my job,but please!He's not sick. And i work night shift for a reason. When these parents have a few days without nursing & wanna sleep, they're going to be in for a rude awakening.
Man, i cant wait for my night off.
My daughter & I went grocery shopping in the pouring down rain tonight so we could fix a decent meal for dinner tomorrow. She is bringing home the guy she's been recently dating. Cant wait to meet him. Sounds sweet. Has a job.But he has no car. Hmmm...
Saturday afternoon her & i will be baking tons & tons of christmas cookies. This is the wonderful trade off for buying her food to feed the "guest "of honor.(tee-hee).Or should i say..
ha...hahahaaaa(evil laugh).

Mommy can be persuaaaasive.Namaste!


Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding? She faked it!!! And TWINS to boot?? Oh, she is seriously pathological.


nirvana diva said...

yeah, she strung the family along too. my mom had gone over and helped her set up the babys room and buy Noah's Ark stuff and then bought her a changing table, which they dropped off the night before it all came out. she called my mom and told her she "lost" the babies!!serious mental deficits!