Monday, December 15, 2008

What's Really Important

My daughter & i spent the weekend making cookies, watching "Fred Clause", drinking a daquiri together, and went to church together .She even helped me clean. (although she complained that my son needs to do more around the house, too.I agree).
Now this is what i call quality time to gether. My son was even home Sat. night and he stayed there watching a movie with his girlfriend. The wekedn couldnt have been better in my eyes.
Until this morning when my husband came home from a double and left a curious note about "something bad at work". Turns out they're utting back. No more weekends , means no more overtime.
Financially , this is a disaster.
We just took my daughter in . And i'd never give that up. Plus, it's christmas. How could any business do this right now?
Knowing that my sinking feeling was actually related to having to deal with my husbands depression, i also realized i was relieved.
My prayers were finally being answered. I have been wanting less.Desiring to scale back on the things we have, and getting back to the soul of our marriage & family. Additionally , i had asked God to give me more time with my family and to get my husband back to church. God is amazing.If this all goes through, my husband will be home with me on weekends, not working doubles. And that also means he can attend church with me again.
No excuses.
I know this post might not appeal to some, in the sense of Christian values. But I must give credit where it is due. Hallelujah & amen.
All this brings me to the point of what's truly important. Not only at Christmas but all the time.
Family.That's right...FAMILY.
Not presents, or big ticket items , or having more money.All of that just means more problems.
I can do without the headaches, and least for a while, have my family back.

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