Monday, December 1, 2008

What are the REAL issues?

After perusing the web tonight, checking out a few blogs,looking at breaking news items, I am prompted to ask the following question:
"What are the issues?"
They seem to be:
  • The terrorist attack in India on two luxury hotels
  • The cheap gas prices
  • Black Friday sales

But...What are the REAL issues?

I believe the most important, life-affecting issues are getting lost:

  • The # of starving children in the world
  • Countries without areas to farm due to beef cattle grazing and;
  • Land raped for growing paper trees
  • Third world water shortages
  • AIDS , and the rise of Tuberculosis
  • How about the slow death of our oceans and the increase of all pollution?
  • And have we forgotten about Global Warming?
  • What is getting done about the continuing sex slave trade?

Going back in time? NO! These issues are still very much alive, why don't they make headlines until they are resolved?

Is'nt there a real issue with the need for the newest, most exciting news?

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