Saturday, December 20, 2008

Still Sucking Face & taking up Space

These are my Lovely Kids in front of our Christmas trees

I have been spending oodles of time on Facebook at night, as well as myspace. Is this where the bad seed begins to germinate? I would swear to that since i spent about 3 hours chatting with an old freind on "face" & "space"...i can totally see how people get sucked in!But I do believe i'll grow out of it!

At any rate, it seems to at least be a place to reconnect with people and it's kinda fun changing the themes, backgrounds, etc and editing your profile. My problem(aside from the time consumption) is that it truly takes you deeper into your ego.

What i mean by this is that in order to spend so much time in these places, it's necessary to be focusing on yourself & your own needs- at least when it comes to putting up info about yourself & creating artful pages.I guess the same could be said of blogs. And those places kind of have their own blog space.

All of this space to just talk about yourself , especially in cyberspace, cant be good.And it sure is addictive.

Now- i know, i know.Some would point out that there are many blogs not focused on the author- like self-help stuff . This just turns the tables. Then the reader is focusing on the self!Anyone into Ashtanga Yoga philosophy can see where i'm going with this.

Maybe at some future date i'll be able to more precisely express these concerns in a better language for those who read this. But for now, let me just say....

I will be spending a bit of time in these places, in hopes of figuring out the reason behind the desire .

I will be attempting to understand my own rationale for having a blog and two cyberspace pages.

I will be going through some growth & change.


Hopefully ,when i am done with this personal research and analysis, i'll have something better to bring to the table .

P.S. In keeping with a frugal mindset, i've decided i will be buying Starbucks gift cards this season. They're cheap (5-10 bucks a pop) and almost everyone can use 'em...even if they dont drink coffee. Ha!


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Celestial Stranger said...

Perhaps the desire comes from just ego's desire to please ego. Those profiles are basically forcing you to give into ego. Think about it, you spend all this time decorating your particular profile. Then you think, well hey I want people to see my hard work so let me tell them about myself and how great of a person I am. Hense the "myspace" and "facebook".