Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Year Of Blessings

Still pondering my daughters recent attitude change(she's been as moody as a starving crododile),i find myself struggling to figure out a few things.Most importantly, the question all parents ask: where did i go wrong?
With my daughter , i initially chalked it up to PMS. But it's been going on for more than a few days now. This, in spite of all i've done for her , including the gym membership i ascertained for her yesteday. (Yes, she will have to pay me back, but i did the leg work.)This, after the $300 we gave her for Christmas toward her final tuition payment. This, after making a car payment for her only a 2 weeks ago so they wouldnt repo her jeep.
It's not that she is actually ungrateful. She isnt. It's just the moodiness that upsets me. I sure hope it goes away soon.
And with my son. Same deal. He also received $300 off his debt to us, has been getting rides to work from me, my husband and daughter.He has cable tv in his room.And yet, he actually acts ungrateful. I truly dont think he realizes it either in spite of being disciplined for it over & over.

I guess i gotta just accept that kids dont really appreciate anything for very long, at least until they have their own kids and come to understand all the sacrifice and heartbreak that goes into raising them.
Dont get me wrong, i love my kids to pieces. I'd jump in front of a train to save them.
Someday, when & if i have grandchildren, i know my kids will "get it".
Now, for the promised list of blessings and changes....This past year:

  • my family memebers and friends are all still alive and in good health. I thank God for each and everyone of their lives
  • i have a beautiful home to clean and take care of, that shelters my family and pets
  • i am eating more healthfully than at any other time in my life(with the obvious exception of holiday cookie mania)
  • I have a car that pleases me in every way-from the built in gps, heated seats, and 6 disc cd changer to the gas mileage, leg room and easy to clean interior .Plus the exterior color hardly shows the dirt(i've only washed it twice since May!)
  • our credit card debt is finally below 2 grand. Although it will go up over the next 2 months, all of that will be education related.My husband has done a good job with that. I'm glad i trusted him with it.
  • i've been able to influence others in areas including healthier food choices, exercise, extracurricular activities, and community connectedness.I've also connected with people way more this year and acheived my goal of putting people ahead of things on my importance list. I plan on keeping this a theme in my life.
  • I was finally able to convince my family to have a "no-gift" christmas. Even though we still got gifts, they were low key items. We gave 3 lotto tickets to each person.My goal for the next year is to implement more emphasis on doing things together on birthdays, holidays and in the summer, with way less expense.The ultimate goal would be to spend no money,except perhaps groceries for cookouts, in favor of just spendinga few hours with each other in quality time- cooking together, watching home movies,looking at photo albums. And with friends i like the coffee dates, evenings chatting over wine or a few beers, reading poetry aloud , discussing good books and sharing life experiences.
  • i learned to appreciate some of the finer , free or low-cost things in life. Some were new to me (utilizing online tv shows and free you tube videos, plus Facebook and this blog,)nd some were just forgotten over the years(camping, coffee dates, hikes & picnics).
  • I learned that there is such a thing as too much vacation, as well as a more satisfying vacation for less money

So there it is.For more information on ways i've simplified see my FunFcators and Everyday Adventures included in many of my posts .Tomorrow, i will be posting another list (and then i'll forego lists for awhile) of the top 10 biggest influences in my life.And lest i forget.....

Todays FunFactor: Speaking with a foriegn accent for a day can be really fun, as long as you dont make the people who already know you (like neighbors) think you've gone mad. But come to think of it, that might be just as much fun!


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