Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Purposeless Piercing

Today the high school nurse left a cute little message on our answering machine(not) - which my husband heard & i am sure to get the third degree about. Apparently my son decided to pierce his arm. Right on the deltoid no less, with a thick "barbell" type rod.I just dont understand the whole mentality of kids these days. Why would an otherwise healthy child risk a serious infection by trying to do something so stupid?Now, i have to remember to monitor this, as if i needed to add to my already complex life.
Later , my son calls me (10 minutes before curfew time) to tell me his car is seriously overheating & he may not be home on time. Mind you, i'm getting ready to leave for work in 5 minutes or so. So he pulls into the driveway at the last second and rushes in to look for a flashlight. He has the hood of the car up.
Let me just state here that my son is no mechanic, so what purpose he sees in looking there i cant guess.But i had to leave, with a statement to the effect of him having to deal with this on his own and how we cannot afford to bail him out this time.We're just tapped out. After all he's been running the thing into the ground- going to the mall, back & forth to school, work, running to friends houses, etc. We DID warn him .
I am still maintaining- in the eye of the storm.
FunFactor: move like a ballerina for a day, or even for an hour.It's quite fun and a bit challenging to attempt to be so graceful in all you do. If you're a dude- so much the more!
Tonight , as i was spinning in the world of fatiguing stress in which i lie, i decided some medicine was in order- so i popped in a cassette( you read that right- i still have about a hundred of them i refuse to part with) of my old favorites , the"Spin Doctors", I used to use these guys to ward off all kinds off mental illness, and quite a bit of depression!It was neat to hear them again.Medicinal Music, if you will.
Overall , I am still enchanted by the power of certain things i'd have scoffed at a few years ago. I thought at some point (back then) that i'd "gotten over" all that new age hooey and moved on to a more sensible me. But now & again , this past year, i have revisited the plain & simple things that once made me happy with excellent & unexpected results. I'm talking herbal teas, yoga, music, and a myriad of little amusements that cost nothing.
It still rings true that the best things in life are free, a philosophy I once lived by and had somehow forgotten.Guess i was lost in the Mists of Avalon......or

Is that where I am right now? I hope so. Namaste.

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Celestial Stranger said...

Friend, how I feel your pain. Hopefully this Saturday we will release some stress together and you can lean on me, im always here for you.