Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nursing Banter

Yeah! my coffee date friend just started his first blog! I am so proud of you!

Tonight i am at work as usual. It's pretty laid back ,considering . The family is VERY involved in the baby's care and almost to the point of being too overinvolved. I would never normally say this but i read a note to the nurses that read"Listen carefully to ----'s lung sounds. He can hold "junk" in the bases, and several times people have mistaken clear lung sounds for a lack of air movement". Hmmm......i wonder which "people" they are refering to.

But , so far i like the case. Twice i've had to cover shifts at the last moment.The family is nice, it's clean and theres a sofa to sit on, not a hard chair.So, i cant complain.

On another note, i am still trying to stay motivated to study for my clinicals. I met with a colleague over the weekend and we decided we need to practice together. That should help. I told her that between my A.D.D. and her O.C.D. we should compliment each other!
As I read through the five hundred and some page manual, i'm getting totally bugged and nervous, where as she says she was nervous before reading it, but now feels better. She was going to try to get a part time job like me to practice, but now says she doesnt think she will. On the other hand, i feel even more pressured to do so.well ,they say opposites attract.

So, for all you non-nurses, i'm sure this is pretty dull. So i guess i'll close....


Celestial Stranger said...

Oh friend, you are one of the smartest people I know. Worrying seems to help you concentrate and get things done, however, do not fret you will pass with flying colors. I look forward to our coffee date. I got you the best christmas present ever. LOL

Lots of luv!

Celestial Stranger said...

Friend, your one of the smartest people I know. Worrying helps you to do better though. I know that you will pass your clinicals with flying colors know matter how thick the study guide is. Lots of Luv.