Friday, December 26, 2008

A Note of Appreciation

In honor of the holiday , I'd like to share with you all the most priceless & wonderful gift I have ever received.
Here (drum roll) is the only gift my daughter could afford this year, and yet, it is the best one she could have ever given.
A letter to her mom. Enjoy!

Mommy Dearest,

This Christmas I've been down in the dumps reflecting on the fact that i cant afford to buy gifts for all the special people in my life. However, over the past few weeks ,with a lot of great advice from you,i realized that no store-bought item would say what i feel anyway.
You've helped me to experience God & family again, which in turn has allowed me to discover who i am.Thank you for being there for me in the past & not giving up on me.I want to apologize for the hurtful things (i've said) and (the way) I've treated you before. Even though you might not have heard it,I forgive you for the decisions you made concerning visitation when i was 16. I understand why you did it.
This Christmas I am looking forward to truly experiencing the meaning of the holiday-family and love.
Because of your selflessness i have a place to live, food to eat,and the will to continue with school.
Because of your love i have a second opportunity to develop a relationship with my brother.
Because of your determination, i am discovering my independence, confidence and path in life.

This Christmas i am learning to be grateful for what i have rather than what i dont.I am learning to trust my life to God's hands. I am learning that it is ok to ask for help.I am learning the ways to be a better person, a selfless friend, and a confident woman. This Christmas my gift to you is a sincere "thank-you!"
I appreciate everything you've done, everything you do, & everything you will do.
I want to give you a giant "I love you!"
You are my hero, and I am proud to be your daughter. Merry Christmas, Mercedes

Now, what mamma would'nt want to brag about a letter like that?It's wonderful to feel so loved ,and to actually be told you're appreciated once in awhile.

Happy Christmas, God bless you, one & all!

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Secrets said...

You are my hero too! And I think you are the best....truly the best and one day your other offspring will say the same. Its a special joy to have you in my life.