Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Money is'nt Everything

It snowed here today.Alot, and it was totally unexpected. I had checked weather last night & it stated "rain". So, imagine my suprise.
First, i rescheduled my tanning appointment. I hope tomorrow will be better weather. Then i sat around debating whether i should go to the gym. I decided against that also.
Eventually, as it got thicker, i started pondering the idea of calling off work. Not because of the snow, but the sleet and ice they are calling for in the A.M.
I decided to head out into it tonight, basically because my husband is still flipping out about how we're going to have "a rough road ahead" and we need to sell stuff and get rid of this & that expense.
He does this kind of thing...initially.I have confidence that this will die out. But only because i know, sadly, that i will have to step in and save the day. Yes, i will have to take back the bill-paying.
I say this because i know inside that i am more upset over my spouses emotional -tantrums-to come than i am about giving up stuff.
And the biggest problem is going to come for me when & if i have to start working 7 days a week. I mean, after all the time & energy i put into lecturing him on why we shouldnt just spend, spend , spend...after all the discipline i've shown over the years only to be egged on to get more stuff, this is what i get for succumbing to his whims in moments of weakness .
My only goal was to cut back to 5 days a week and now i feel like i've put in that extra time for nothing.I knew it was going to end up spiting me , somehow, someway.
But rather than allowing anger to rule, i will throw myself to the task again. I will give up my blonde highlights, my tanning packages, my vacations (all of these things were for him anyway).I will look into ways to get out of my cell phone contracts and cut down his cable bill. But i will not give up my internet.
There are many ways we can cut back if we even actually need to come the New Year.
But for now, i'll just sit back & keep on keepin' on.....Peace out.

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