Saturday, December 13, 2008

Meet the Parents

so, tonight i hosted the dinner for my daughter's new"friend"- they are certainly not serious yet.And to that i say- amen.
You know the type that comes out of the gate raring to go, then fizzles out quickly?
This one was a great greeter and had the "what a beautiful house " comments all lined up , but quickly proceeded to chat on his cell phone , once even taking it outside for about 10 minutes- leaving my daughter & i to wonder.We know it was a guy and a friend-so no emergency, or business call. That is what i call just plain rude.
And so he had a second wind when my husband came in to meet him, shaking his hand and repeating the above line....then fizzled again.
While we were playing Trivial Pursuit , the guy sat there sighing and looking around like he was bored and/or couldnt wait to leave! He had told my daughter he LOVED playing this game, otherwise we wouldnt have planned on it.The nerve.
Then on his way out he shook hands(i give hugs ,though) and didnt even thank us for the meal or evening!
I guess i'm just old-fashioned, but i felt totally disrespected. Of course i wont tell all this to my daughter unless she asks my oppinion. But i really hope she dates other guys.Unless i seriously misread him, i have to wonder- if this is how little respect he showed to us, how much will he show my daughter?
I know, maybe it's a mom thing. But I'm usually right. Example? tonight right after she left i told my husband i wish she would have dressed in something warmer (than a miniskirt , boots and a sleeveless top with a long sweater for a jacket). My husband says "why?"."in case she would break down-- it's below freezing out there".
Can you guess what the text i got @ 12:45 am said?
I am a prophet i tell you!

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Celestial Stranger said...

He sounds rude. Oh well I am sure there will be others. At least you kept your thoughts to yourself though which is more then I could do.